The King of Pop: Michael Jackson (Original)

Original Table BAM The King of Pop: Michael Jackson (Original) v1.0 BAM

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The King of Pop: Michael Jackson (Original) v1.0 BAM


This table only works with BAM, and precisely with the v.1.5-290,or the most updated one,that you can download here.......>

This is a table with the theme of the singer Michael Jackson, named "King of Pop".
This table is precisely it is a "re-mod" of the Rock table by Gottlieb for VPX, made by JPsalas, and modified by Marty02 for VPX.

I honestly didn't know at all, that the VPX version was a "re-mod", but I was happy to create a version of FP,so....Marty02 done a good job, with the playfield, and the music for VPX, but I....I have added a lot more, including: models, some graphics, new sound, and new music.

Note: you will notice that the music is all guitar style,really very beautiful....I hope like to all you.

Have a Fun!

It is not permitted to modify or recreate with other programs without the author permission.


The rules are very simple can see them,also in the apron of the table.

Here is a summary

1) Complete the "king of pop" light, through the blue drop-targets, with which you can turn on two lights if you hit the drop that lights up, and turn off the lights in the side lanes, called "added letter".

2) Complete the "level up 1-2-3-4" light sequence, in the top miniplayfield, through the red drop-targets, to win a "Special-Award".

When you complete the "king of pop" light,you activate the chance to win an "Extraball".

4) Complete the "BAD" light,for the "multiplier-advance".

5) Hit the middle lane around MJ, to activate the "double-score" for a period of time.

6) More "special" if you beat the "high-score", and every 700,000 points.

----------------------------INFORMATION AND SUGGESTIONS--------------------------------------------

This table, like my other tables, uses many BAM functions.....I only put a few

* Custom Camera: choose "Deny", for the "camera" set to Fp, choose "Allow" for Custom Camera, for Top- Playfield.
* Custom Ball: press Key "F",for 3 mode.
* New Renderer: press Key "J",for active - inactive.( for those with low PC problems, but it changes the look of the table ).
* Hud Desktop: press Key "H",for to see- not to see .
* Ball Trails: press Key "B",for on-off.
* Game Room: press Key "G",for 3 mode.
* Choose music: press Key "M",for 7 kind music.....5 "electric guitar" and 2 "acoustic guitar"
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Bravo WILD super reprise de ma table VPX mais encore mieux encore bravo superbe travail. marty
Bravo WILD super recovery of my VPX table but even better bravo superb job
thanks Marty,and congratulations also for your tables in FP.
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So... I got distracted while humming the tunes and got a bunch of credits while at it (i had 13 before I lost the last ball I think). It may be a bug because it's too much.

It's a colorful, easy going table and the soundtrack is up to taste, but as I grew up hearing this music, i'm a fan.

The younglings are fans too so it's all praise from here.
thanks,Anon,but it's not a bug, it's credits you can win, the rules say it.
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