The King of Pop: Michael Jackson (Original)

Original Table BAM FP The King of Pop: Michael Jackson (Original) v1.0 BAM

No permission to download
Bravo WILD super reprise de ma table VPX mais encore mieux encore bravo superbe travail. marty
Bravo WILD super recovery of my VPX table but even better bravo superb job
thanks Marty,and congratulations also for your tables in FP.
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So... I got distracted while humming the tunes and got a bunch of credits while at it (i had 13 before I lost the last ball I think). It may be a bug because it's too much.

It's a colorful, easy going table and the soundtrack is up to taste, but as I grew up hearing this music, i'm a fan.

The younglings are fans too so it's all praise from here.
thanks,Anon,but it's not a bug, it's credits you can win, the rules say it.
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