The Missile (Koraku, 1957) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation The Missile (Koraku, 1957) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Updated for VP9 by tiltjlp.

The changes made for this update are based on Rawd's own experience with owning a pachinko. Besides removing pins for better ball flow, nudging has been removed. The number of balls auto-launched have been increased to 100, and the auto-launch speed has been increased. The slope had been increased, several walls made smoother, and a pin sound has been added. Also, a wall was added to prevent balls from hanging near the top of the game.

For those with slower computers, or if you wish to use the Manual Launch feature, Press 7 first. Pressing R starts the game in Auto-Launch mode. At any time during the game, you can switch from Auto Launch to Manual by Pressing 7, but it can't be reversed.

Patrick's original script has been used, and only edited as needed for the changes mentioned above. The original game is still available for play with VP8.

***Original Release Notes***

Old style pachinkos have a hole to manually load the balls in the blue square. Then it plays with a manual launcher. On new style pachinkos, the player loads the balls into the machine and then an adjustable auto-launcher fires them.. For added fun, the VP version offers both options.

The number of balls fired by the Auto Launcher increase or decrease by 10 with each press of the left flipper or the right flipper. Pressing the 7 Key engages the Manual Launch feature. Going directly to manual launch: key 7

Much thanks and appreciation to Rawd, who has as an actual pachinko, for helping me make this version more realistic, and for educating me on the care and feeding of pachinkos. Since these noble games are mounted to walls and cannot be nudged I have removed all nudge coding.
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