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Biffman/mkruce/Pinball Ken/kristian/maf
Bally 1994
IPD No. 2528

Rulesheet for THE SHADOW - Bally

Compiled by Cameron Silver

Version: 5
Date: Thursday 16th March 1995

Whose nose lurks in the hearts of men?
The Shadow's nose.
- A. Frey, 1995.

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Note: A lot of things in this rule sheet, and most certainly in the pinball game, are copywrite and/or trade mark and/or registered by WMS or some other company.

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If any Melbournians are reading this, come and say hello to me some time at the Time Zone store in Bourke Street in the city. (I'm the pinball techo there).

New To This Version

- New Section: Game Difficulties. Tables illustrating the differences between the difficulty settings.
- New Section: X balls a game. Tables illustrating the differences between three and five ball play.
- All new sections are marked with a star (*) in the contents.
- New ftp site added.
- Changed pinball archive ftp address from rahul to mcs.
- Laugh Mode edited every-so-slightly.
- More quotes.

Extra Special Thanks

The following people contributed in some way to the writing of this sheet:

Jamie Silver
Mario Moeller -
TJ Beyer -
Sanjay B. Shah -
Dan Farris -
Michael Field -
Bowen Kerins - bowen@leland.Stanford.EDU
Noel Steere -
Ronald Berg -
Adam Frey -
Alan Back -
Ola Rodenkirchen -
Philip Wakely -
Scott R Tiesma -
Karl Brostroem -


New To This Version
Extra Special Thanks
Designer Names
Things to Fix
Playfield Layout
Arrow Shots
Jackpot Shots
The Cabinet
Punish The Guilty
Farley Claymore
Duel Of Wills
The Beryllium
Escape Underwater Doom
Discover Hotel Monolith
Battle Filed
Shadow Multiball
Khan Multiball
Final Battle
Who Knows
Skill Shot
Shadow Loop
Secret Laugh Mode
Extra Balls
High Scores
Feature Adjustments
* Game Difficulties
* X Balls A Game
Easter Eggs


The following abbreviations have been used:

o Demo Man - Demolition Man pinball
o IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
o Indy - Indiana Jones pinball
o SDTM - Straight Down The Middle
o STTNG - Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball
o TAF - The Addams Family pinball
o TZ - Twilight Zone pinball
o WMS - Williams Electronics. Used to mean Bally/Williams

Designer Names

The Shadow is brought to you by:
+ Brian Eddy - Designer, Software
+ Mike Boon (Boonie!) - Software
+ Robert C Friesl - Mechanical Engineer
+ Edison V Onate - Mechanical Designer
+ Doug Watson - Art Work
+ Dan Forden - Sound and Music
+ Scot Matrix & Eugene Geer - Dots


The Shadow, like World Cup and a lot of great games, is a game that sort of sneaks up behind you when you're not looking. The first few games you probably won't like much. Then, for some reason, you'll play it again. While playing, it won't seem like much; but after you've stopped you'll want to
play more. Then, before you know it, you'll be hooked!

This game has one of the beefiest sound systems I've heard in an arcade. If you thought STTNG was good, hold on to your hats. The sound on this is just amazing. One problem is that it's way too quiet, we have it on about 20 while other DCS games are 14-15, while the old WPC sound games
get by on 8!

The animation is as good as the sound. Especially the start of multiball, and the super jackpots. Both are truly unparalleled in any other pinball I have ever seen, no matter how big the display is!

The toys are good. The lock magnet is of course the most wholly remarkable thing in the whole of the known universe. Then there's the mini-playfield, personally I think this will be more trouble then it's worth; although other players seem to like it.

A few other things to note, the Side Saucer is not one of the pissy little ones WMS likes to use. It is more like the lock holes in Dr Who. The Side Saucer seems to hold 99% of the balls, some still bounce out, (the same is true for the Battle Field popper).

The Poppers also use mechanical switches which I find odd. Although I _HATE_ optos, I think they work well on poppers. However, Shadow uses micro-switches, rather then leaf switches (which is what poppers used before optos became so common, and the leaf switches were awful).

The game plays really well. The drains are OK, but nothing to write home about. The shots blend well together, and when you get in the groove, the game is just fantastic.

The replay animation is great. Two bullets go screaming towards each other. First you see the left one, then the right, and finally they collide with a bang (err, a thwak). When the smoke clears, the display says REPLAY!

Well done to the whole team on this. After playing it, I want to go and see the movie. This wasn't true of Demo Man, TAF or any other movie based machine.

Things to Fix

This is a list of things that could improve the game:

- In multiplayer games after locking a ball, there needs to be a nice big warning to tell the player the ball will come out of the lock.

- In multiplayer games after locking a ball, the player should get a chance at a skill shot. Just make it that they have to shoot the Shadow Loop, or Side Saucer to collect it. Still use the left blue button to select the award.

- Something MUST be done about the lower exit from the Battle Field. Balls keep getting lost, or stuck etc.

- Multiball restart is really needed.

- A ball-saver after locking balls is needed, _especially_ when the ball is ejected from the lock.

- Starting Vengeance from a skill shot should award the right ring on the left ramp (ie: the actual skill shot), so you don't need to shoot it again in Vengeance. I know it'll make Vengeance easier, but will improve the flow of the game IMHO.

Playfield Layout


I'll start at the bottom, and go in a clockwise direction.

Lower Flippers: Standard white full length flippers.

Slingshots: Standard (non trapezoid :-) ) slingshots.

In/Out lanes: A letter in the word "KHAN" appears at the top of each lane. It operates as like standard Bonus X lanes. Complete KHAN to increase the bonus multiplier. It will also light Khan Multiball at the side saucer if it is not already lit. There is no kickback.

Left MOngol targets: The M and O targets are in a similar position to the Turbo Boost targets in Corvette. See the section 'Mongol' for more information.

Left Orbit: Standard left orbit that is not as hard as the one in STTNG, and not as easy as the one in Corvette. It is an Arrow Shot, Jackpot Shot, and the Hurry Up Shot. The orbit feeds the upper right flipper.

Left Ramp: Steep metal ramp in the same place as the Time Rift targets on STTNG. The ramp splits into 2, with a player controlled diverter. This diverter is controlled with the left blue button, which is located next to the left flipper button. The ball can be fed to the left or right in-lane. This is an Arrow Shot, Jackpot Shot and the Skill Shot.

Center moNGol targets: The N and G targets are on each side of the left ramp entrance. See the section 'Mongol' for more information.

Side Loop: Called the Shadow Loop, it's a small orbit that is only hittable from the upper flipper (very much like Getaway). It joins the left orbit to feed the upper flipper. See the section 'Shadow Loop' in the rule sheet for more information. This is an Arrow Shot, and Jackpot Shot. The side loop goes around the Battle Filed lane, and Lock. Most of it is under the mini-playfield.

Side Saucer: Just _below_ the side loop. This saucer is shot by the upper flipper. It awards a super jackpot (Shadow Multiball only), and starts Khan multiball. When Khan Multiball is not lit, this saucer will start the currently flashing scene (if Start Scene is lit), or start Final Battle (if it is lit). You can also put a ball here during multiball to double or triple jackpots. See the sections for Shadow multiball, and Khan multiball for more information. It is a saucer like the ones in Dr Who (locks), NOT like the one in Indiana Jones.

Battle Field: In a similar position to the Alpha Quadrant (center) ramp on STTNG (but a little closer to the flippers) is a small lane leading to a popper. It has a drop target in front. Knock down the drop target (may be more then once) to Open the Battle Field. Shoot the popper and the ball will be popped to the mini-playfield. This is easiest from the lower right flipper. Backhanding it from the lower left is possible, and some people can actually get it from the upper flipper too. See the Battle Field for more information. This is an Arrow Shot and a Jackpot Shot. Note, the ball bounces out of the popper quite often, and usually drains.

Yellow Target: Solitary stand-up target in a similar position to the clock target on Twilight Zone. This target will spot letters in Mongol. Each time Mongol is completed, an extra hit on the target it necessary to spot a Mongol letter. The white inlay next to the target will flash when it is ready to spot a letter.

The Wall: An up/down target that blocks the lock. It is very much like a drop target, except it only pops up/down when the machine tells it. Hit it to light lock, and lock balls. This is in a similar position as the Disaster Drop target on White Water. (Note: A 'hit' on this target is registered by an opto slightly in front of it)

The Sanctum: The coolest ball lock on the planet. Accessible only when the Wall is down. Lock balls here for the Shadow Multiball. See that section for more information. This (including the Wall) is an Arrow Shot.

NOTE: The Wall and the Sanctum are essentially the same shot. They can be considered the same unless stated otherwise....

Right Ramp: Steep metal ramp (like the right ramp on Twilight Zone) in a similar position to the right ramp on STTNG. Like the left ramp it splits into two, with a player-controlled diverter. The diverter is controlled by the right blue button, which is next to the right flipper button. The ramp can feed to the left or right inlane. This is an Arrow Shot and Jackpot Shot.

Start Scene: A saucer at the end of a short lane (exactly like Getaway). It awards Who Knows, Extra Ball, starts a Scene, and starts Final Battle. It is also an Arrow Shot, and generally an all 'round nice guy... The actual saucer is like the Skill Shot one on TAF. Sometimes, an odd shot to the right orbit will bounce into this hole (like on Getaway).

Right Orbit: Standard orbit that is very similar to STTNG, Corvette, Getaway, etc. Balls put here will come out of the left orbit to the lower left flipper. Slow balls will dribble out of the side loop. This is an Arrow Shot and Hurry Up Shot.

Upper Flipper: Same as Getaway, Star Trek etc.. Use it to shoot the Side Loop, Side Saucer, or the Battle Field .. actually it seems to be the safest way to knock that drop target down.

Right mongOL targets: The O and L targets are directly opposite the M and O ones. See the section on 'Mongol' for more information.

Plunger: Autoplunger, fired with a trigger similar to Indi's.

Battle Field: Think Path Of Adventure from Indi, and you're close. It's in the same place, but it's more square. There are 4 beefy looking yellow drop targets down the back, and 4 stand-up targets on each side (well, the right only has three!) A bat at the bottom is controlled by the flippers (side to side) and when the ball hits it, the bat pushes it away, (think Brick Out..) The object is to score enough hits, complete the playfield, and defeat Khan. If you miss, the ball falls off the bottom, and will probably get stuck somewhere. If you succeed, the ball will be fed to the upper flipper. More information in the Rules section.

Arrow Shots

Most of the major shots in this game are Arrow Shots:
Left Orbit, Left Ramp, Battle Field, Wall (Sanctum), Right Ramp, Start Scene, Right Orbit, Side Loop.

Jackpot Shots

Some of the major shots in this game can be lit for a jackpot: Left Orbit, Left Ramp, Battle Field, Right Ramp, Side Loop.

The Cabinet

The Shadow is a 5 ball game, in a standard (narrow body) cabinet.

Next to each flipper button (red), is a blue button. The left blue button controls the left ramp diverter, and the right blue button does the same for the right ramp. Pressing a blue button toggles the way the ball will be diverted. When the diverters move, they make a really cool (and loud) crunch noise..

The game is equipped with an autoplunger that is fired with a trigger much like the gun on Indi (well this is more like a slightly beefed up version). Plunged balls are fed to the lower right flipper. During the game, pulling the trigger will usually play an empty gun click sound.

There are no plastic ramps anywhere (well there's a little one up the top .. but I won't include that here..). The ramps feed gold wire-forms that stick mainly to the side of the playfield. They really don't stand out much, which I like.

The extra ball button is mounted on the cabinet below the gun, and is orange.

The artwork is amazing, especially the side of the machine. The backglass art is ok, better then STTNG and Demo Man, but not up there with Twilight.

On the playfield are three really cool knight figures, they're not all that important, but I like them!

There are no under-playfield tunnels, which means no kickouts. This is yet _another_ similarity with Getaway.

The outlanes are fine, better then any Bally/Williams machine this year. There is rubber everywhere, and the posts on our machine were right down when we got it. Even still, there are no shots on the game that cause the ball to go screaming down a side drain. This is a GOOD MOVE!

The center drain is about average. The only shot that often went SDTM was a failed left ramp. Sometimes (not all that often) a direct shot at the wall, or the Battle Field drop target flew down the drain. There is an operator adjustment for this, see Feature Adjustments number 11.


The modes this game are called scenes. They do not run concurrently, but any running mode will continue during multiball. During a mode you can start all other game features. Totals from each scene are added during the bonus count.

During the opening animation of any scene (except Hotel, and Duel of Wills), pulling the trigger will play some duck quacks, and the quote "Anyone for Peking Duck?". The same thing is true when you get the 2 Million Scene Bonus. For more information, see the section Secret Laugh Mode.

The scenes are displayed in the middle of the playfield, lit ones have been played, blank ones haven't, and the flashing one will be started next. Shoot the ramps to change the currently flashing scene. Divert the ball left to move the flashing scene _up_, divert the ball right to move the flashing scene _down_. 'up' and 'down' refer to the way I have listed them below.

The scenes are:
Punish the Guilty
Farley Claymore
Duel of Wills
The Beryllium Sphere
Escape Underwater Doom
Discover Hotel Monolith

They cycle in a loop, so down from Discover Hotel Monolith is Punish the Guilty, and up from Punish The Guilty is, obviously, Discover Hotel Monolith.

There is NO wizard award for completing all scenes. However there IS a wizard award...

Start Scenes at Start Scene (duh!) or the Side Saucer (only if Khan Multiball isn't lit). Start Scene is always lit if not in a scene, and not in multiball. Shooting Start Scene, (or the Side Saucer if Khan isn't lit) during a scene, will award 2 Million as a Scene Bonus.

- Punish the Guilty: A 30 second mode where you have to shoot the lit arrows to save Tam. Three arrow shots will be lit (Left Orbit, Side Loop, and Right Orbit). Each shot awards 10 million. Once all three have been hit, shoot Start Scene to collect 30 Million.

- Farley Claymore: Remember Q's Challenge?! A 30 second mode where you have to beat up Farley (trust me, he deserves it!). The display shows the Hit-O-Meter, which is full at the start of the mode. Every arrow (except the side loop and the Wall) is lit, and each one deducts a bit from the H-O-M. The mode ends when the timer expires, or the H-O-M is empty, about 5 or 6 shots. Not sure on the value per shot. NOTE: If the Battle Field is lit during this mode, shoot it. Every hit on the Battle Field reduces the Hit-O-Meter as well.

- Duel of Wills: A great video mode. Dodge the falling Phurba's to get points, or the Extra Ball. Point values start at 1 Million, after a few it becomes 3 Million, then 4 etc. It can actually get quite hard. Pull the trigger during this mode to clear the screen and leave it clear for a few seconds. Beware though, as the Phurba's return in bulk, and moving fast.

- The Beryllium Sphere: You have 30 seconds to defuse a bomb. Each arrow cuts a wire. The first shot is worth 10 mill, then 12, 14 etc. Arrows do not remain lit after they have been hit, (ie: you can only hit each shot once.) You must cut six wires (therefore, make 6 shots); if you do it, shoot Start Scene for 30 Million.

- Escape Under Water Doom: Hurry up that counts down from 30 million. Shoot the lit shot to collect the current value. It will continue to count down, and another shot will light. The shots light in the following order:
Left Ramp and Right Ramp
Left Orbit
Shadow Loop
Left Ramp
When all have been collected, Start Scene will light, shoot it to complete the mode for 30 million.

- Discover Hotel Monolith: This is a cool two ball multiball. It continues until less then two balls remain in play. Hit the wall to
reveal the hotel (3 hits). The first two hits award 10 million, the
third hit is worth 20 million, and the wall will pop down. Hit a ball
into the Sanctum to light all arrows. The ball(s) will be nlocked,
and each arrow is worth one million more than the previous (the first is 10 million). Get them all for 30 million. All arrows relight, and the value returns to 10 million. The mode ends when less then two balls remain in play. It is not possible to lock balls (for Shadow Multiball) during this mode, or start Khan Multiball. The display during the first part of this is really great.

Battle Field

The object of the mini-playfield is to defeat Khan. To open it, hit the drop target. Shoot the popper and the ball will be popped onto the mini-playfield. While the ball is in the popper, pull the trigger for some Peking Duck. See the section "Secret Laugh Mode" if you want to know more.

The mini-playfield has drop targets down the back, and stand-up targets on the side. When the drop targets stop popping back up, you can defeat Khan, the ball will be fed to the upper flipper.

One of the most annoying things about the drop targets, is the fact that the ball hits them so hard, they often don't fall down!

Use the flippers to control the bat, so the ball hits it. The first
time you must make 30 hits (of the targets) to find Khan. Once found, knock the drop targets down to break through, and defeat him. It's actually quite

Defeating Khan is worth 30 million the first time you do it, and 10 million more each time after. The number of hits required to defeat him goes up by 20 each time too, and maxes at 100. Finally, an extra hit on the drop target is necessary to open the Battle Field for every time Khan is defeated.

Also, each target has a light in front of it. If you manage to hit each target at least once, the value for defeating Khan goes up by 20 million for each time you do it. So if you complete all targets three times, you will be awarded 60 million on top of the Khan Jackpot.

Remember that hits on the miniplayfield count during the Farley Scene.

[Note: A soft shot would often manage to sneak past the drop target when multiple hits were necessary. In this case the machine lets you play the
mini-playfield anyway.]

Shadow Multiball

- Shoot the wall to light lock. Lock one is lit at the start of the
game. Each multiball requires one more hit of the wall to light lock.

- When lock is lit, shoot the wall again to lock the ball. This is cool: a magnet grabs the ball, the Wall is lowered, and the ball is thrown into the Sanctum.

- On the third lock, three ball multiball begins. Watch the opening animation, it is unbelievable... I have played the game plenty of times, and still go WOW at the lock sound/light/ball show!

- Balls are ejected one at a time from the lock to the upper flipper, imagine the hidden hallway from Fun House, but on the other side of the playfield. Look closely as there is an orange flasher that makes the balls hard to see.

- Since the game has an autoplunger, it is not possible to 'Steal' locked balls. If there are less then three balls in the lock at the start of multiball, the machine auto-plunges them. I don't like this one bit, as auto-plunged balls are not set up for jackpots - but what can you do?

- The jackpot starts at 20 million. Shoot the side loop to collect. Remember the ball returns to the upper flipper, so multiple jackpots are possible, and even suggested. Balls will not be kicked out of the lock if you are on a 'jackpot roll'.

- The wall stays down during this multiball (it is only lowered after all three balls have been ejected from the lock). Shoot the Sanctum to set your-self up for jackpots. This is a great feature, it also reminds me a lot of White Water. Balls will not be kicked out of the lock if you are on a 'jackpot roll'.

- After 5 jackpots, the super jackpot will light at the Side Saucer. Shot it from the upper flipper for 100 million. After each super jackpot, 5 more regular jackpots are needed to relight it.

- Lock a ball in Start Scene or Side Saucer to double the regular jackpot. Lock a ball in both of these places to triple the regular jackpot. Double/Triple jackpots revert to the regular value after one jackpot, or 10 seconds, the ball(s) is/are kicked out too. Note that Double Jackpot actually awards 2 jackpots, and Triple Jackpot awards 3.

- The super jackpot can only be doubled by locking a ball in Start Scene, the 10 second timer still applies.

Shadow multiball ends when less then 2 balls remain in play.

Khan Multiball

- Light Khan Multiball by completing KHAN at the in/out lanes. (Note, each completion of KHAN also advances Bonus X.) After a few Khan multiballs, the Start Khan Multiball light times out.

- Khan Multiball is lit at the Side Saucer, this is not stackable.
Shoot the saucer to begin the three ball multiball. [The other two balls are auto-launched].

- All jackpot shots start lit (not the Super Jackpot). Jackpot value starts at 20 Million (per jackpot!), and the in/out lanes add 100 thousand. See the playfield description for a list of the Jackpot Shots.

- Lock a ball in Start Scene or Side Saucer to double the jackpot value. Lock a ball in both of these places to triple the jackpot value. Double/Triple jackpots revert to the regular value after one jackpot, or 10 seconds, the ball(s) is/are kicked out too.

- Once all regular jackpots have been collected, then a Super Jackpot lights on the mini-playfield! One of the drop targets will be lit in turn (like the skill shot on Terminator 2), you must hit this for the Super Jackpot which is worth 100 million. It's _hard_ to control the bat, and keep the other 1 or 2 balls in play. The Super Jackpot can be doubled/tripled in the same way as the regular one. Note: if the mini-playfield is disabled, it is not possible to get the Super Jackpot!

Khan multiball ends when less then two balls remain in play.

Final Battle


On the playfield is a Scarf (near the Side Saucer). It contains four inlays that will light during the game. Light all four to light Final Battle:
o Complete Scenes - Will light when the last scene finishes, or when the ball drains during the last scene.
o Conquer Battle Field - Defeat Khan at least once.
o Shadow Multiball - Lights when Shadow Multiball finishes.
o Khan Multiball - Lights when Khan Multiball finishes.

When the scarf is complete, Final Battle will be lit at Start Scene. Shoot Start Scene, or the Side Saucer (if Khan is not lit) to start it. Final Battle lights as soon as the scarf is complete ... yes, even during multiball (although I have never managed to start it during multiball).

The sound and lights are quite hard to describe ... but it's very, very cool. The intro goes like this:
"Congratulations. Prepare yourself, this is the Final Battle."

Four more balls will be launched into play (it's a five ball multiball with a 30 second ball saver), and the object is to hit every shot for 1 billion. But wait - it is _always_ awarded this time!

The shots are:
- MONGOL targets 6
- Left Orbit 1
- Left Ramp (both sides) 2
- Side Loop 1
- Battle Field 4+4+3 = 11
- Battle Field Drop Target 1 [Spotted if the target is broken]
- Yellow Target 1
- The Wall 1
- Right Ramp (both sides) 2
- Right Orbit 1
total: 27

The Side Saucer and Start Scene (if unlit) spot one target. The order is:
Yellow Target
Mongol Targets
Battle Field targets (anti-clockwise starting at the top left corner)
Arrow Shots

There might be a bug in here somewhere though, as the following has been observed:
1 hits remaining.
0 hits remaining.
255 hits remaining.
254 hits remaining.
1 billion.

I tried this on our machine and couldn't replicate the fault, so maybe it is caused by something else. My machine is L-2, and the one that faulted is also L-2.

Each shot is worth 10 million. The countdown is shown on the display. Note that if the drop target is busted, the machine will spot that shot for you (and award the 10 million) ... so you'll only have to get 26 shots.

If the mini-playfield has been disabled, then hit the drop target to spot a few mini-playfield targets. God knows what happenes if the drop target _and_ the mini-playfield are broken. My guess is that no-one will play that machine!

As soon as the last shot is hit, the machine goes dead: no sound, lights or flippers - all remaining balls drain. After a second of this comes the quote, "You're FINished Khan!" which is followed by a scream, the lights all come on, and a rap style collection of animations is played - topped off by the shot of some mirror going through Khan's head. The Billion points
are awarded (you are actually awarded it too), with someone screaming ONE BILLION. Following this is the quote: "Finally you've learned to control the pinball".

After the billion, all five balls are re-launched and all shots re-light for another go. Note that there is no ball saver now, even if it hadn't timed out, it will be turned of - cruel huh?! Final Battle ends when there are less then two balls left in play. The scenes all reset for another go.

Completing Final Battle (ie: getting the billion) allows you to enter you initials in the list
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