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The Table With The Least Comprehensible Theme Ever (Original) VPX

VPX SS Original Table The Table With The Least Comprehensible Theme Ever (Original) VPX v1.1f 2020-01-28

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Yes, that's the name. "The Table With The Least Comprehensible Theme Ever".

There has been much discussion about Dialed In being a bad theme for a table. My thought process was along the lines of "Bad theme? I'll show you a bad theme!"

This is a VPX remaster of a nine year old table originally made for Visual Pinball tech beta 6, based on in-jokes among some people who used to chat on IRC at that time.


  • Visual Pinball version 10.3 or later
  • UltraDMD version 1.1 or later

  • Shoot white lights for modes.
  • Shoot yellow lights for fic awards.
  • Shoot green lights for multiball.
What's New in Version 1.1f

  • The table pitch is now steeper to make the physics less floaty.
  • The ramps are now shallower to compensate for the increased pitch.
  • Mode start is now lit at the start of each ball.
  • Multiball is now easier to start.
  • The ball saver now has a grace period.
  • The MechaCrash, PFFL, and RJ modes now award points for progress rather than giving points only if completed.

I am allowing open modding of this table. I do not have the hardware to test adding cabinet support, nor do I have much of a clue how to do so. The table should be angle independent and work in full screen mode.

Some sounds and graphics were reused from JPSalas's Ghostbusters: Slimer table with his permission.
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