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The Walking Dead ProX (Stern, 2014) by Aduke

Stern SS Recreation BAM FP The Walking Dead ProX (Stern, 2014) by Aduke v1.10

No permission to download
by Aduke, GeorgeH, RL
at 2018-02-22
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Stern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tradename Stern
Date 2014
IPD No. 6155

Custom PhysicsFP Physics 2.7

A Recreation of Stern's original Table released in 2014

Ready for 1.10

With the 2 wizard mode features added "horde" and "last man standing", we can say that now, more or less everything has been scripted.

I'll stop now until somebody ready for DMD animations and somes corrections on design. It's useless to script more and more if it can't be totally complete.

If nobody can (or want for somes reason), considering that's the last release.

Version 1.08 still downloadable

This version correct walkers killing (it didn't turns lights off proprely on 1.07)

Double scoring works perfectly

Multi-kill now works, not all conditions lit it at the moment, but it give real points

Warning: you MUST use BAM right now to play table, or magnets won't work anymore (possible that the table will just make an script error). I recommand to use the last version, BAM 195 (especially for Windows 10 users).
Not really up to date (that was the 1.19) but enough for all basic rules : https://papa.org/2015/01/01/the-walking-dead-rulesheet/

This one is useful too : http://tiltforums.com/t/walking-dead-wiki-rulesheet/122
Game Notes: I was lucky enough to find an actual stripped Stern playfield image to build game on.

Uses ball lift concept like original to connect R inramp with L outramp.

L inramp physically connected to R outramp like original, hence ball travel maybe slow at times (L ball nudge helps)

Toy models have been optimized for fast load. There are 2 versions of bicycle girl included.Prison zombie has programmable eye bulb

Added decontamination chamber feature, and special art which is not part of original.

Game should be run with BAM and physics 2.7, game not tested with other and maybe unplayable without.

Overall physics play well, might need a few tweaks. Please modify as needed.

***Ultimately will need a super star programer (which I am not) to figure out game rules, modes, etc. and program accordingly.***

Since it is a WIP it is basically in test mode.

This is only my second table build, and this thing is very complex - so lets be understanding.

Aduke release (1.06) :

CDC mode bug fixes.

Added timers for modes.

Musics start & stop more proprely.

Well Walker start sometimes with a new player ball. Fixed

Prison multiball added

Crossbow shots works, not the mode at the moment.

The basics of this game is playable now, Enjoy ;)

Ready for 1.05

Change Log V1.05: Fixed prison doors not resetting at end of game, prison zombie angles back - eyes flash when hit. Added new sphere map to ramps. RL

Thanks to GeorgeH for his custom physics, more realistic like the real one.

Have fun playing!
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