Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995) VP8 vRC3

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Bally 1995,
IPD No. 2845

OBJECT - Complete all MAGICIANSHIP levels to reach the GRAND FINALE.
SKILL SHOT - Shoot ball into play to select skill award. Hit the Trunk to collect it.
MULTI-BALL™ - Spell MAGIC to light LOCK by shooting the lit Staircase.
JACKPOT - During Multi-ball the Magic Trunk hole is lit for JACKPOT.
THEATRE - When lit, shoot up the left lane to spell THEATRE.
ILLUSIONS - Hit the Magic Trunk to light "Start Illusion". Shoot into the Trunk to
begin the ILLUSION.
CLOCK - The right lane shot will advance the THEATRE CLOCK to Midnight.
BASEMENT - Make the center staircase when lit, to RAISE the TRAPDOOR.
EXTRA BALL - Theatre Clock and Basement awards will light EXTRA BALL.
GRAND FINALE - Shoot all playfield shots to spell MAGIC THEATRE.
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