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Time 2000 (Atari, 1977) VP9

VP9 Atari SS Recreation Time 2000 (Atari, 1977) VP9 v1.2 [16-9]

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Eala Dubh Sidhe/Destruk 16:9 Conversion maintainer Destruk
Atari 1977
IPD No. 2567

Drop targets score 500 points and open outlane gate. Dropping both targets scores 2000 points and the following:

First time: lights Double Bonus (outhole only).
First time on last ball when Double Bonus is automatic: lights Triple Bonus (outhole only).
Second time: lights roving Extra Ball.

Slingshots, bumpers, 50 point rollovers and 'Change' rubbers change lit bonus clock and rotate Extra Ball and Special lights. 'On AM' lights left clock and rotates lights, 'On PM' lights right clock and rotates lights.

Left lane scores 2000 points and advances lit clock, center spot target scores 100 points and advances lit clock.

'Advance AM' targets score 100 points and advance left clock, 'Advance PM' targets score 100 points and advance right clock.

'Triple AM' lane awards three left clock advances, 'Triple PM' lane awards three right clock advances.

Advancing either bonus clock to 12 lights roving Special. Two Specials may be lit at once. Hitting appropriate target, hole or lane when Extra Ball or Special is lit awards that feature.

Center hole scores and retains left bonus clock (not multiplied). Right hole scores and retains right bonus clock (not multiplied).

Outlanes score 500 points. Ball through right outlane when gate is open, or through exit lane beside right hole, returns to shooter tip for additional scoring. Right outlane also closes gate.

Tilt penalty: ball in play.

Maximum: one extra ball per ball in play.

Special awards one replay.

One replay awarded for a score of 120,000 points.
One further replay awarded for a score of 180,000 points.
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