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Time Warp (Williams, 1979) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Time Warp (Williams, 1979) VP8 v2.4

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Time Warp (Williams, 1979) VP8 v2.4
by Kristian and Boris. Rescripted by AJ.
IPD No. 2568

Big thanks to *WOTTO* for the source images!
Thanks to Phoenixx for the gamesounds.
Thanks to PD for script score display & animated bumpers.


Time Warp
(C) 1979 Williams Electronics Inc

Ported to Visual Pinball by Boris

Taken from "The Internet Pinball Database"

*** Time Warp /No. 2568/ Williams Electronics, Inc.,
*** September 1979, 4 players
Model number: 489
Production run: 8875
Theme: Fantasy
Design: Barry Oursler
Art: Constantino Mitchell
e-mail: boris_fr@yahoo.com
e-mail: kmtanner2002@yahoo.com
web: http://members.nbci.com/boris_fr
web: http://www.vpfreeforums.com
web: http://www.vpforums.com (The Virtual Pinball Forums)

I) Acknowledgements
Thanks to :
- Randy, the author of Visual Pinball ;)
- PinMame Team !
- Andre for taken times to adapt the picture of the playfield
and btribble for oving the flipper.
- WPCMAME for the S4.VBS file

II) Requirements
a working version of Visual Pinball TB4 or Beta 5
a working version of Visual PinMame. Tested on 1.0b2

III) What's new:

Version 2.3 (Kristian Oct, 2004)
split scoreboard etc.
blah blah blah :-)
Version 2.2 (Kristian Sep, 2003)
Made plunger "alive".
Fixed flippers (they were unsymmetrical)
New, clean instruction cards

Version 2.1 (Kristian May, 2003)
Fixed droptarget transparency bug, adjusted the right
outline 3d decals, increased plunger strength.

Version 2.0 (Kristian May, 2003)
-New layout
-Complete graphics rebuild
-Script adjustments

Version 1.1 (neurokinetik, 11/15/2001)
- Added all mechanical sounds
- Added bumper caps

Version 1.0 (AJ, 11/12/2001)
- Scripted to work with s4.vbs v2.3
- Time Warp.vbs is no longer needed
- Rewrote most of the code
- Reverted back to original playfield and converted it to .jpg file
- Added new backdrop
- Added Silver Ball Image

Version 0.3a (AJ, 6/22/2001)
- Converted playfield to 256 colors - cut table size by 2MB!

Version 0.3 (5/18/2001)
- better playfield picture
- change the code to use the S4.VBS file (version 1.1)
- for this, change the design of the outhole
- code of the table now in an external file

Version 0.2 (4/29/2001)
- backdrop "done"...
- all lights are now well placed
- a picture for the playfield

Version 0.1 (4/27/2001)
- all is new !

Review from Gamearchive.com:

Waiting in the wings to make its mark is the next "hot one" from the company that has really turned things around in 1979. And, although Flash is a tough act to follow in conventional sized pins, this four-player neatly complements Stellar Wars and Tri Zone as a worthy successor to the crown.
PLAYFIELD: Three lanes (A-B-C) and a vari-valued kick-out hole to the left start the action that leads down to a left side rectangular red target and five thumper bumpers. Get to center field, and it's a three drop target bank on the left and a five drop target bank on the right. Also on the right is a nice touch that is one of the things which makes this game.

A long lane leads up to a top right bulls-eye target, with a wire gate that blocks passage back down (normally, unless the shot is too hard) and, instead, leads the ball to a collect bonus kick-out hole which then kicks the ball out to the middle of the field. It's a great feature and works well here. The bottom is almost conventional with the wire lanes and flippers, except this time we're faced with blue banana flippers.

ANALYSIS: Time Warp has a lot going for it in the way of shots and continuation of play from one shot to another. This is especially true with the design and layout of the drop targets with rebounds going from one side to another to cop an extra target or two from a single flip. The problem is in controlling the banana flippers with more precise shots needed here than on the Disco Fever board.

It could cause players trouble in adjusting as it has me, but then I was spoiled playing the game as a whitewood when it had those old regular flippers and haven't been able to do as well since.

Anyway, the top lanes offer some flashing lights once again with each lane needing to be made twice on one ball in order to light the special. The top kick-out hole gives some point values and also holds the keyfor an extra-ball with its step up values and four long flashing arrows at the center of the field when it's extra ball time, but the big thing is that you can get bonus multiplier value here and the potential is 10X.

Yes, folks you read it right. Not since Playmatic's Chance has a game of recent time had such a high multiple value, although on Time Warp the maximum is 12,000 points times whatever value, which isn't too shabby since you can keep on collecting it from right side set up.

The left side targets bounce up in value from 5,000 to 30,000 points for getting the bank down, while the right side targets offer bonus multiplier values as well as lighting corresponding thumper bumpers on the board; so the scoring potential is there if you can master the flippers with their innumerable reverses as well as straightaway shots.

GRAPHICS: Take time and freeze it in one frame with an artist's touch that seems to bloom even more with each succeeding effort. That's what you have with Time Warp and Connie is its creator. There are good deep blues and other bold color highlights that indeed take the player on "a pinball journey into the future and past." Visually, it is a delight with a backglass and carryover theme playfield, replete with pyramid and a fantasy of ideas, reality, and dreams rolled into one.

PLAY: Despite the bonus multiplier value that's possible and the carryover of features from ball to ball with the left side targets only, you'll really have to gauge the limits by how well the players are hitting it.

It's a three-ball format once again although five-ball play won't hurt it. In extra ball land, go with a 150,000-point start followed by a 300,000- and 500,000-point limit for three-ball play. On free play with three-ball raise this by about 50,000 to 75 000 points per limit. On five-bail play you should be able to get away with an additional 100,000 points for each making it about 300,000 to start with 450,000 and 650,000 to follow.
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