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Torpedo!! (Petaco, 1976) by Pelos

EM Recreation FP Torpedo!! (Petaco, 1976) by Pelos v1.02

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
by Pelos
at 2020-06-12
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Proyectos Electromecánicos de Tanteo y Color (1980), Madrid, Spain
Tradename Petaco
Date 2020/06/06
IPD No. 4371

Electromechanical of Recel (Petaco) and Euro Flip from 1976. One of the first machines with electronic sounds. There is a 4 player version called Underwater.

v 1.01 Modified the right aisle of the flipper

v 1.02 Modified the left aisle so that it is not so cruel and aesthetically modified the plates of the captive balls


v 1.01 Modificado el pasillo derecho

v 1.02 Modificado el pasillo izquierdo para que no sea tan cruel y modificadas esteticamente las chapas de las bolas cautivas
* 5 balls per game.

* Corridors 1, 2 and 3 light torpedoes.

* Torpedoes with light advance bonuses and score 5,000 points.

* Upper bullseye lights 50,000 points on lower bullseye and bonuses on vari target.

* 50,000 points on the lower target and position 6 of the vari target extinguish torpedoes.

* Accumulated bonuses score at the end of each ball and double the score on the last ball.

* Points game is achieved by reaching the following scores:

- 500,000 points

- 620,000 points

- 750,000 points
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