Trapped in Wonderland (Original) by Caitlyn_Skye

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Solid State Machines
by Caitlyn_Skye
at 2011-09-27
Type Original

Trapped in Wonderland

I created this table in Future Pinball for my year 12 Multimedia class.

It's based on my own idea of a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. I created all of the images myself.

Please Download and enjoy :]

Trapped in Wonderland is a Re Skinned version of the Aliens Legacy Table, by SLAMT1LT. you can download it here.

' Origionally Designed by David Eisner
' Rule Set by David Eisner, Eden Stamm and Russell Speak
' Code by Russell Speak
' Sound Design and Music by Russell Speak
' Additional sound design and Mother voice produced by David Eisner
' Graphics by Caitlyn Skye
' 3D models by Steve Paradis

This is a modified version of Aliens Legacy table released by David Eisner.
Object of the game is to work through the modes until you get to the final Kill mode. By completing this mode, you will arm the vorpel sword and escape wonderland.


Drop all K-I-L-L targets and then hit 10 Bumpers.


Hit the flashing target to open the jabberwocky nest then lock the ball in the nest (within the time limit). The ball will then drop into the Bumpers. Hit the Bumpers for maximum points for 30 seconds and then finish the mode by hitting the Elevator Kicker.
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