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Tribute to the 80's ASTROHITS (Original)

SS Original Table FP Tribute to the 80's ASTROHITS (Original) v2.0

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Solid State Machines
by polygame , Popotte
at 2011-06-30
Type Original

Ok...AstroHits..what to say..?!

Despite the fact that it is a short game I still believe that it is a good "party starter"
just like those video game in the 80's. I never spent 6 hours playing pacman so I wouldn't know..but the reason I like 80' games is that you don't have a big story telling that you have to be engulfed into like most video game today. you can have only five minutes on your hands, and still have a good time just bashing around some Aliens..et voila! total stress reliever..

So AstroHits, just like the other 80' serie, is not meant to transform your pinball experience into something deep and profound but at leas you might have a good time if you lose yourself into it.
Destroy 10 asteroids to upgrade to the next level.

When all levels are completed (HEX) the final mode is the "mothership Mayhem" where you have to hit the mothership 25 times to see the final animation.


A. There is a multiplier bonus right next to the front left bumper.

B. You have to fight the invasion of the saucer because it just eat your points away!

C. Any time your energy level is going out, tilt is waiting for you.

D. the alley at the very back starts the sequence "Alien Abduction" and you must rescue a member of your crew who is kidnapped by aliens ...

E. Hit the gravity ramp to start Multiball mode

And above all..have fun!
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