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Twilight Zone (Bally, 1993) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Twilight Zone (Bally, 1993) VP8 v7.3

No permission to download
Bally 1993,
IPD No. 2684

See attached "tz_rules.txt" by Kevin Martin for a very complete and long description of all the table rules plus tips, etc..

Here are some basics to get you started, though:

Wizard Goal: Start the "?" Mode on the table, known as LITZ or "Lost In The Zone." This is done by enabling all the modes on the door in the center of the table.

Skillshot: Plunge the ball so it lands on one of the red, orange or yellow targets that lie in front of the kicker hole. These award various values and maximize the jet bumpers (red for 1, orange for 2 and yellow for all 3). Landing the ball in the drop hole is a missed skill shot and sends the ball to the slot machine. There is also a Super Skill Shot door award that enables the three skill areas for different awards (see mode).

Primary Multiball Start: Enable lock by shooting the primary two ramps and spelling "Gumball." Lock balls (1 minimum first time and two the second time to enable Multiball on the left ramp. The third time multiball will only start with a third shot to the lock (three locks will always start multiball in each case as well). Make jackpots at the piano and relight it at the camera shot.

Battling The Power: When enabled, ball control is via magnets on the mini-playfield. Getting the ball into the upper hole defeats the power and also awards a random door.

Powerball: White ceramic ball used in game. On the real machine it's lighter and faster than a regular ball. It's one of 6 balls in the game. It may be found in either the gumball machine or the trough. When it's being used, shooting it back to the gumball machine (right lane when lit) will award PowerBall Payoff and start Powerball Mania.

PowerBall Mania: A multiball mode where your goal is to get the regular balls into the PowerField and defeat the power with them as many times as possible for Jackpot.

Extra Balls: Collected at the lock shot in the upper right hand corner.

Magnets: There are spiral helper magnets on the playfield to stop the ball and help you make certain shots. There are also magnets on the mini-playfield that act as magnetic flippers to "Battle The Power" with.

MODES: Start modes at the piano (they go in order around the door on the playfield) and at the slot machine (random door awarded) and also by defeating the power on the mini-playfield. Here are the modes (copied directly from the attached rulesheet):

Door Panel: Town Square Madness
This is a timed round of normal length, during which all targets increase the Town Square Madness Total, which is part of the End-of-Ball Bonus. Starting Town Square Madness credits 3M to the Town Square Madness Total. Every switch in the game increases that Total by 350K. Each hit of the Jet Bumpers credits the current switch value and increases that switch value by 25K. The maximum switch value during Town Square Madness is 1M.

When Town Square Madness is running, the right Spiral Helper will catch balls to allow a shot at the Hitchhiker Lane, subject to various conditions. See "Spiral Helpers".

Door Panel: Lite Extra Ball
This award immediately lights an Extra Ball, provided that you do not currently have too many Extra Balls. Collecting any Extra Ball will disable this award on the current Door. If Extra Balls have been completely disabled by menu adjustments, this Door Panel will always be lit and does not need to be collected in order to reach Lost In The Zone. If you begin a new Door and already have the maximum number of Extra Balls stacked, this Door Panel will be lit and unavailable.

Door Panel: Super Slot
This is a timed round of normal length, during which the Slot Machine's yellow light is rapidly flashing, and the Slot Machine is worth a random value of 10M to 20M (by millions) in addition to its usual behavior. These points are awarded immediately. In order to collect Door Panels from the Slot Machine during this round, you must light it in the usual fashion.

Door Panel: Clock Millions
This is a timed round of normal length, during which the Clock Target is worth the current position of the Clock's hour hand, in millions. Because the Clock runs from noon to midnight, this means that there is a brief initial period during which the Clock Target is worth 12M. Values awarded by the Clock Target are credited to the Clock Millions Total, which is part of the End-of-Ball Bonus. Starting Clock Millions credits 5M to this Total. During the brief grace period, the Clock Target's value is 12M. This grace period is actually long enough to hit the Clock Target twice.

Scoring at least six hits on the Clock Target during this round will award a special 10M Clock Damage Bonus (and animation) when the round ends, unless the sixth hit was scored during the ending grace period.

Door Panel: The Spiral
This is a timed round of normal length, during which all Orbit shots are worth a special value in addition to normal behavior, and during which most typical Spiral Helper behavior is overriden (for an exact description of behavior, see "Spiral Helpers"). The first two Orbit shots are worth 10M each, the third is worth 15M, and all subsequent Orbit shots during this round award a Spiral Breakthru for 15M. These points are awarded immediately, in addition to other awards, and there is no grace period for collecting these values.

Door Panel: Battle The Power
This Door Panel lights Battle The Power on the Right Ramp (these can be stacked). If the Powerfield is currently unavailable (for example, the Powerball is on the playfield), lit Battle The Power's are remembered.

This Door Panel can be spotted by lighting Battle The Power in any other fashion, if the appropriate menu adjustment has been made.

Door Panel: 10 Million
This Door Panel immediately awards 10M. Big Points ;)

This Door Panel is spotted by the Yellow award from the normal skill shot on normal settings.

Door Panel: Greed
This is a timed round of normal length, during which all seven Greed Targets are flashing. In addition to their normal behavior, these Targets credit 5M to the Greed Total, which is part of the End-of-Ball Bonus. Starting the Greed round credits 5M to this Total. Hitting a flashing Target unlights it. When all seven Targets have been hit, all of the Targets will return to flashing status.

A Greed Total of 25M or more will earn a familiar quote from Rod: "There, see what Greed will get you?"

Door Panel: Camera
This Door Panel lights the Camera twice. Lit Cameras are stacked, of course. See "Camera".

Door Panel: Hitchhiker
This Door Panel awards an immediate 2M for each Hitchhiker that you currently have, and makes every Hitchhiker collected for the rest of the current ball worth an immediate 2M (Triple Pickup awards 6M, Camera: 10 Hitchhikers awards 20M). The points count down slowly at first but soon become gunfire. Collecting this Door Panel twice on a single ball does not increase this value, unfortunately.

Because the maximum number of Hitchhikers is 100, the maximum value of this award is a pleasant 200M.

On L-4 ROMs, the volume is turned down considerably during this award.

Door Panel: Clock Chaos
This is a timed round of potentially unlimited length. A base of 5M is credited to the Clock Chaos Total, which is part of your End-of-Ball Bonus. The Clock winds itself to 6 o'clock and starts slowly winding backwards towards noon. Hitting the Clock Target credits the current value of the Clock's hour hand in millions to the Clock Chaos Total, and reverses the direction of the Clock's winding. When this happens, the music ("Pop Goes The Weasel") and the winding become faster.

Scoring at least six hits on the Clock Target during this round will get you a special quote and adds 25M to the Clock Chaos Total; see "Easter Eggs".

Hitting the Clock Target during the grace period will credit 12M to the Clock Chaos Total and resume the Clock Chaos round! At least once, however, I have received a mysterious 63M towards my Clock Chaos Total for doing this.

Clock Chaos is undoubtedly the worst time for the physical Clock to be disabled because the software believes it is malfunctioning. It is much, much easier to read the current time and direction of time from the real Clock than it is from the display, especially during Multiball modes.

The good news is that if the Clock is indeed working, Clock Chaos will always take precendence over any other round that wants to use the Clock.

Door Panel: Super Skill Shot
This Door Panel lights the Left Ramp for the Super Skill Shot, which takes precedence over Multiball on the Ramp. Hitting the Left Ramp during normal play (including when the Powerball is on the playfield) will divert the ball into the manual plunger lane, where the Skill Shot Rollovers are lit for very attractive awards.

For the Super Skill Shot, all three awards and the scoop award 10M, regardless of skill. The Red award lights Battle The Power (see "Battle The Power"). The Orange award lights the Outlanes (see "Lit Outlanes"). The Yellow award lights a temporary Extra Ball (see "Extra Balls"). Missing simply awards 10M and ejects the ball from the Slot Machine Kickout.

Super Skill Shots cannot be stacked.

Door Panel: Fast Lock
This is a timed round of normal length, during which a radio tunes itself down from 17.3M to 5.3M before the round ends. During this time, the Lock Lane is lit to award the current value and start Fast Lock Multiball. The gimmick here is that the sound effects, quotes, and music during this round and the (optional) ensuing Multiball correspond to previous games of Pat Lawlor design. These effects, quotes, and music are listed here in the order they are presented during the round (with thanks and credit to Bowen Kerins, bowen@cardinal.stanford.edu):

* The Addams Family: Sounds of Cousin It mumbling. When hit, Cousin It yelps. During Multiball, Jackpot lit music from The Addams Family.
* Funhouse: Rudy says, "Hey, it's only pinball!" When hit, Rudy says, "Gulp... bleaagggh!" During Multiball, Jackpot lit music from Funhouse.
* Whirlwind: "Return to your homes." When hit, "Do not panic." During Multiball, post-Jackpot music from Whirlwind.
* Earthshaker: "It's sunny drive time!" When hit, "Ooh, gimme shelter!" During Multiball, normal Earthshaker theme music.
* Banzai Run: "Welcome race fans!" When hit, "Go for the hill!" During Multiball, normal Banzai Run theme music.

Sometimes you will hear a spurious quote from a previous machine just as FasDuring Fast Lock Multiball, the Lock Lane is lit for the same value that was collected at the beginning of the Multiball. As in all other Multiball modes, Door Panels, Combos, Spiral Values, the Camera, and other Multiball modes are unavailable during Fast Lock Multiball. Strangely enough, however, the Lock Lane will no longer award Robots during this round.

Fast Lock Multiball ends when you drain at least two of the three balls in play. There is no grace period at all for relaunching balls. However, there is a brief grace period for collecting one last Fast Lock value.

Door Panel: Lite Gumball
This Door Panel lights the Gumball Machine on the Right Orbit (these can be stacked).

This Door Panel can be spotted by lighting the Gumball Machine in the usual fashion (by spelling GUMBALL), if the appropriate menu adjustment has been made.

Lost In The Zone
The last Door Panel is the Handle. When the Handle is flashing, the Player Piano and Slot Machine should automatically be lit (although there are some strange cases on machines that do not automatically relight both at the beginning of each ball). The Handle can also be awarded by defeating the Power during Battle The Power.

The Door Handle awards Lost In The Zone. This is a slow timed round (total duration is 45 seconds) during which almost every playfield feature is active and all six balls are kept in play by the automatic plunger (the Gumball Machine is emptied at the beginning of the round).
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