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Universe Ball (Original) by Jam, Jess

EM Original Table FP Universe Ball (Original) by Jam, Jess v1.0.0

No permission to download
Electro-Mechanical Machines
by Jam, Jess
at 2011-01-09
Type Original

First Table We Have Ever Uploaded. Have created a few others the unfortunatly died (r.i.p) with the loss of a pc. Open to constructive comments and encourage them. READ THE RULE SHEET. Thanks.THis is only about 50% so remember that.
Still under development. Not even sure if this file will work as this is the first Zip file i've ever created..lol...Let me know if it works please. p.s. We love Future Pinball and are glad the Y211 thing didnt effect much. UPDATE! Sorry forgot to fix Hit_Event in my hyper drive..lol..it will work again though..easy fix...Also havnt figured out how to reset my moon phases dmd txt so....
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