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VBS Script Files

Support File VBS Script Files 3.57

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These are required for ROM emulation in solid state tables. Usually they're automatically included in the all-in-one installers.

As I understand it, you should unzip these scripts directly into the "Scripts" folder found in the Visual Pinball folder for newer VP versions, and in to the "Tables" folder for older VP versions. --Ike

What's New in Version 3.57
- Beta 1 NF fastflips 2
- Add UsePdbLeds(top of script)/ChangedPDLEDs(controller)/PDLedCallback(callback) support and PDB.vbs especially for VP-PROC
- Added LTD3.vbs (LTD System III)
- Added FPVPX.vbs (1.01, helpers for Future Pinball conversions)
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