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Vegas (Game Plan, 1979) VP8

VP8 Game Plan SS Recreation Vegas (Game Plan, 1979) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by Destruk, Lander, Joep, Apocalypse
Game Plan 1979,
IPD No. 2725


The rollovers on either side of center on the playfield increment the score by 1000 points, advance the bonus, and change the special when lit. 2X bonus lites the spinner. The thumpers score 100 or 1000 when lit. The top stand-up target scores 10 points and lites the upper left bumper. The lower left 1000, advance and change lane lites the bottom bumper.
The lower right 1000, advance and change lane lites the upper right bumper.

The top lanes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 score 1000 or 5000 when lit, and are lit by scoring the lane on the current ball. These lanes also turn on the bonus rollover lites in the upper left corner and advance the bonus multiplier. The save ball target scores 1000 points and turns on the save ball lite. When the save ball lite is on the kicker will activate when the ball enters the kicker lane.

The lane target scores 10,000 points for each hit. On the second hit, the lane target advances the multiplier. The third hit lites the special. The fourth hit lites the shoot again lite.

Exceeding high score to date awards credits, if optioned, at the end of the game and the displayed high score to date is automatically updated.

Tilting the game results in loss of current ball and the flippers and all playfield features go dead. Slamming the machine results in loss of the game, and the game goes into a deay mode for approximately 15 seconds.
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