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Viking (Bally, 1980) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Viking (Bally, 1980) VP8 v1.2

No permission to download
Bally 1980
IPD No. 2737

(Rules given from the manual)

Feature Operation & Scoring

A. Bonus Score Feature
- A bonus score of 1000 to 59,000 may be scored. The game starts with a bonus score of 1000 points. The bonus score advances one step at a time each time the ball rolls through either the "A" or "B" rollovers or the right rollover or by hitting any of the "1" "2" "3" Drop targets. The Inline Drop Targets advance the bonus depending on their value from 1 to 5 advances.

B. Memory Bonus Feature
- When a bonus score of 20,000 to 39,000 is achieved the 20,000 bonus light will remain in memory, a bonus of 40,000 or higher is achieved, the 40,000 bonus light will remain in memory and be lit at the start of each new ball.

C. Bonus Collect and bonus Multiplier
- When the ball goes into the outhole, or into the 2 way kicker, when lit for collect bonus the lit bonus score is added to the player's total score. If the 2X lite is lit, the bonus score is added to the player's total score twice, if the 3X lite is lit, the bonus score is added three times: If the 5X lite is lit, the bonus score is added five times. A tilt nullifies the bonus score.

D. Inline Drop Target Feature
- This feature consists of four (4) drop targets on the left side of the playfield.

Knocking down the 1st target lights the 2X light
Knocking down the 2nd target lights the 3X light
Knocking down the 3rd target lights the 4X light
Knocking down the 4th target lights the 5X light
This exposes the Stand Up Target for Special and then 50,000. Knocking down all the inline Drop targets lights the side out lanes for 25,000.

E. Arrow Button Feature
- Knocking down all four Inline Drop targets lights the button for Extra Ball. If the button is lit for Extra Ball, knocking down the targets lights the button for Special.

F. Spinner Feature
- At the start of each new ball each revolution of the spinner is worth 10 points. The value of the spinner increases after the 10th revolution then scores 100 points, after the 20th revolution it scores 1000. After the last switch closure a timer starts to reset the spinner value back to 10 points, hitting the spinner during warning sound will cause the spinner to retain its present value.

G. 1-2-3 Drop Target Feature
- Knocking down the 1-2-3 Drop targets:

The 1st time scores 2000
The 2nd time scores 4000
The 3rd time scores 6000
The 4th time scores 8000
The 5th time scores 10000
But knocking them down in order #1 first, #2 second and #3 third the reward will be tenfold.

H. Bi-Directional Kicker
- The saucer is located in the upper left section of the playfield. When the Saucer is lit to collect bonus, it kicks up. When not lit, it kicks down.

I. A-B Feature
- Making the A and B the 1st time lights the Bi-Directional kicker to collect bonus. 2nd time lights the bottom lane for Special and top "A,B" Special 3rd time scores Special.
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