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Visual Pinball X.7 (standalone EXE)

VPX Support File Visual Pinball X.7 (standalone EXE) latest pre-release

No permission to download
@toxie, @fuzzel, @djrobx, @jsm174, @horseyhorsey, @nkissebe, @freezy, @cschmidtpxc, @destruk et al.

@jpsalas' Arcade Physics v3.01 system, nudge & calibration table, and latest VP / VPM scripts.

- This link will always take you to the latest pre-release version of VP at GitHub (currently v10.7.0-270-fb735a4 as of Aug 8th, 2021).
- Some recent releases, such as @SG1bsoN's Medieval Madness B&W mod require newer versions of VPX.7, hence the need for this pre-release resource entry.
--Ike @Isaac Sauvage
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