Volcano (Gottlieb, 1982) VP9

VP9 Gottlieb SS Recreation Volcano (Gottlieb, 1982) VP9 v1.31

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by LuvThatApex, Destruk
IPD No. 2742

Eruption - Ball entering lit crater is captured. When 3 balls have been captured, multiple-ball play begins.

Ball-save - Hitting individually lit drop targets lights ball save. Green Button on left activates ("A" button ball save on keyboard)

Shooter Guide - Shooter guide and all rotating lights are frozen breifly with green button on right. ( ' button on keyboard)

Special - After ball has entered all 4 craters, special is lit. Top hole awards special when lit.

Extra Ball - After both target banks have been completed, extra ball is lit. Fire pit awards extra ball when lit. Ball through right outlane with gate closed will light extra ball for one shot only.

Seismic Multiplier - Bonus Multiplier is increased when an indicidually lit drop target is hit.

Lava Flow Multiplier - Ball entering craters 2, 3 or 4 will light corresponding lava flow multiplier for a timed period.
Date Of Manufacture:
September, 1981​
3,655 units (confirmed)​
Cavemen - Dinosaurs - Volcanoes​
Widebody [?]
Notable Features:
Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (4), Kick-out holes (2), 5-bank drop targets (2), Kick target (1). Right inlane ball return gate. Left outlane kickback. Shooter lane has moving guide to vary direction of propelled ball. 4-hole skee-ball in upper right playfield. Multiball. Trough balls installed: 3.

This game has an inner backglass and an outer backglass.​
Design by:
Art by:
While domestic games had speech, there are exported games which did not. An owner from France told us his game has the MA-55 early System 80 sound board (no speech). We don't know if all games intended for export lacked speech.​
Marketing Slogans:
"Pinball With POW!"​
Check the table script to see which ROM version is needed. There are quite a few!
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