Voltron - Defender of the Universe (Original) by saecrow

SS Original Table FP Voltron - Defender of the Universe (Original) by saecrow v2.0

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Solid State Machines
by saecrow
at 2013-05-16
Type Original

This is my first ever attempt at creating a table (I am not a programmer) - but my 12 yr old son thought it would be cool to have a Voltron table so I gave it a go - and now he wants it published! Everything seems to be working, so here it is. If you like lots of drop targets and lots of nudging, I think you will enjoy it.

Ver. 2.0

*Added Multiplayer

*Added Mode Completion Memory Function

*Added Outlane Gates and Gate Triggers

*Added Active Player Light Indicator on Backglass

*Switched Out Plastic Pegs for Metal Posts
Goal: Lock all 5 balls/Lions in order to form Voltron resulting in 5 ball multiball and attempt at earning jackpot

Rules: Complete drop target colors in order (letter order for color doesn’t matter)- Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black
Drop Target Lights will only light for the active color – all other target lights will remain off when hit (active color targets are 100pts / non-active targets are 25pts)

Once all active target lights are lit the active color Lock Light Indicator in the plunger lane will blink indicating the ball/Lion is ready to be locked in the active color’s kicker earning 1,000pts

Once the ball/Lion is locked, the active color targets will reset, the active color target lights will turn off, the active color Lock Light Indicator will change from blinking to On, the ball/Lion will be removed from the lock, and the next color ball/Lion will be created in the plunger lane

Once all 5 balls/Lions have been locked, the Form Voltron Sequence will begin –5 ball multiball, all lights will flash, all drop targets are worth 500 points and if all 5 balls/Lions are maintained for 10 seconds you will earn the Jackpot worth 50,000pts

Once multiball sequence finishes, all targets/lights reset and the cycle begins again
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