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VP911 User Guide - Documentation & Help

Support File Tutorial VP911 User Guide - Documentation & Help 2020-01-28

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VP user guide (documentation) for VP9.1.1

The guide comprises:
- Detailed notes on every single option, menu item and setting in the entire Visual Pinball Editor
- key codes
- VP units
- and what was previously referred to as "object settings" - that is the properties, methods and events for every playfield object (this has been updated by checking every possible item against the source code).
- VP9 Change Log

This is an update to the 9.09 version and includes details on all the changes and additions for VP9.1.0 and 9.1.1.
Guide now also includes the complete VP9 Change Log (thanks Cupid for creating this & including it as part of the VP download), along with a change log for the Guide itself.

There are still a few little things that are unknown to me about the editor, and these are highlighted in the document in red text (if anyone knows about these, please let me know so I can update the guide).

Although this is now the 3rd edition of the Guide as a whole (but only v1.0 for VP9.1.1) it is intended to be a working document, please feel free to forward any suggestions, errors, omissions, improvements etc..

There is the intention to actually include this guide as part of the Help menu in VP...with luck that will be coming in Summer 2011

Finally, thanks to everyone that has helped develop VP and make it a better experience and anyone that has helped me with this project so far.

Dan aka Wizards_Hat
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