Whiz Bowler (Binks, 1954) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Whiz Bowler (Binks, 1954) VP9 v3.0 2020-01-28

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by tiltjlp, updated to version 3 for VP9.
IPD No. 5702

A counter Top game, measuring 18'' T x 12'' W x 9'', Binks Whiz Bowler was made in 1954 by a former game designer at Chicago Coin. Since the game is 10 balls for a penny, rather than up to 22 balls in actual bowling, the scoring is slightly different.

Strikes are worth 30 points, spares 20, and a blow, or miss, is worth 10 points. So yes, the highest score is still only 300. As Whiz Bowler is a simple counter top game, I have not added my usual adjustable speed launch system, and I have lowered the force of nudging.


Counter top games became popular since they were more involved and often better made than trade Stimulators, which often were either geared to promote a business or product, or simply to take your money. Mnay old-time pinball manufacturers also made counter top games, most notably Chicago Coin.

Others, such as Keeney and Bally, made slot machines and other gambling devices, such as Bingo games. OD Jennings, and some lesser known companies instead made gambling pinball machines, known as Pay Out games. Many of these Pay Out games were 1 ball games, which gave the player even less of a chance to win.

While most pinball and counter top games displayed a sign stating For Amusement Only, No Gambling Or Wagering, a payout could be agreed upon by the business owner and the player, if the player was a regular customer. While a senior in high school, I played Bingo games for soft drinks and snacks at a local fishing lake and tavern.
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