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Wipe Out (Gottlieb, 1993) VP9

VP9 Gottlieb SS Recreation Wipe Out (Gottlieb, 1993) VP9 v1.01 [16-9]

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TAB/Destruk/Cameron, 16:9 Conversion maintainer Destruk
Gottlieb 1993
IPD No. 2799

Note from Xenonph:
This table needs a Pre-Initialized nvram file to accept coins.
Download Bally 6803 & Gottlieb GTS3 nvram pack and place contents of zip file in nvram folder, located in VPinMAME folder.
Find Bally 6803 & Gottlieb GTS3 nvram pack here..

Gottlieb's Wipeout
--- Skill Shot ---
Hit the Ski Lift with your first shot, and you immediately lock the first ball for multiball (two locks required). This is very important; miss, and you must clear a row of four drop targets to accomplish the same thing. I believe the Skill Shot is worth 5M points.

--- General Strategies ---
Multiball: Light multiball at the Start Round scoop by locking two balls in the Ski Lift. The Ski Lift is opened by clearing the row of four drop targets on the left side, and the Ski Lift itself is a shot near the back of the playfield which can be made by either flipper.
When multiball begins, the two locked balls are released along the Slalom Run, on which three lights are solidly lit, one for each of the three rows the balls pass through. Multiball is supposed to be during an avalanche, so you have no control over the Slalom course. The third ball is kicked to the right flipper; you should trap it and wait for at least one of the Slalom Run balls to come out. If the three lights are completed, shoot Rip The Crud (left loopback ramp) for Super Jackpot; else
flip the ball back to the Ski Lift and repeat. It should be easy to light the Super Jackpot; just keep shooting the Ski Lift until the three correct rollovers are hit. It should be easy to score
the Super Jackpot; the ball is fed to the right flipper, so a Rip the Crud shot is available immediately. It should be difficult to relight the jackpots; after a SJ, the Ski Lift closes and can only be re-opened by the drops. Try to shoot the drops from the left flipper; a well-placed shot can take out three or even four of the drops.
When the Ski Lift is relit, keep going. Try to get as many Super Jackpots as you can, since they're worth a HELLuva lot. First is 1OOM, then 2OOM, 3OOM, etc., no limit. And the value is remembered to the end of the current ball. The SJ scoring on Wipeout unbalances the rest of the game; if
you get good enough at it.

Slalom Run: After one ball is locked, shooting the "Light Slalom" standup lights the Ski Lift for Slalom Run. This time you have control of the Slalom Run course, and the number of correct rollovers you trip determines your score for the run. One rollover is 2OM, two 35M, all three 5OM -- no rollovers, no points. After the Slalom Run is finished, just shoot the "Light Slalom" target to relight it. Admittedly, this target is slightly dangerous, but oh well.

Enter Round: There are five modes ("rounds") in Wipeout. Beginning a round also awards a 1OM "Mystery" award. The rounds:
- Rip the Crud: Shoot Rip the Crud for a hurry-up score, count from 3OM down.
- Snow Boarding: Shoot Pump Shot (right ramp) for a value. The value awarded seems to have no relation to the value on the display.
- Panic Button: Shoot Panic Button target for one-time bonus of 1OM + 1M per Pump Shot during the game.
- Hot Dogging: Shoot M-O-G (standup targets behind drops) in 15 seconds to double your score. Takes real accurate shots to finish this round, but it can be done. The drops reset before the round starts.
- MOGUL: Shoot M-O-G-U-L (standups from Snow Boarding + "Light Slalom" + "Never Ever Target") for 1OOM. Avoid this like the plague. And never, ever hit the Never Ever Target. Duh.

All 5 rounds completed lights Start Round for the Triple Diamond Run, where shooting both ramps and the Ski Lift in 12 seconds awards a Special. Not very important.
While in a round, the Ski Lift is always closed, and if you complete the drops during the round, it won't count toward opening the Ski Lift like in normal play. If you find yourself in a round you don't like, either wait it out or shoot the ramps, which are still active.

Pump Shot: The right ramp, hit consecutively, awards 1M, 3M, 5M, 1OM, 2OM. After that it awards 3M / shot the rest of the game. The ramp is definitely loopable. Not as easy, as, oh say the L shot on Gladiators.

Rip The Crud: The left ramp is worth 5M, anytime, plus any award that might be there.

--- Point-Specific Strategy ---
If you need... Try doing this!
5 million: Shoot Enter Round or Rip The Crud for a quick score.
2O million: Light Slalom if you have a locked ball, or enter a round; most are worth enough to cover this.
5O million: Slalom, or try looping the Pump Shot ramp.
1OO million: Pump Shot, or start multiball. Multiball almost guarantees at least this much.
2OO million and over: Go for the multiball. Potentially, multiball can be worth upward of a billion points, more than any other multiball on the market. Wipeout multiball is well worth going for, on every ball.

--- Techniques ---
Gottlieb games: Gottlieb games are notorious for "digital flippers", i.e. it is very easy to trap the ball. Any ramp habitrail will drop the ball slowly enough to be trapped, so take advantage.

Flipper Passing: Post transfers are impossible on Gottlieb games, due to the flippers. Some players try alley passes, but the outlane configuration of Wipeout is no good for this. Just make shots to transfer the ball. From right to left, shoot Rip The Crud. From left to right, shoot Enter Round. (Shooting Enter Round also, well, enters a round, so be sure your strategy accounts for that.) The Ski Lift and drops are accessible from either flipper.

Death Saves: Very unlikely, and only from the left side on Gottliebs (notice the weird post below the flippers). Hitting the post may save your ball on a lucky bounce, but don't expect to do this on purpose.

Bang Backs: On a Gottlieb?? Ha ha ha!

Nudging: Nothing peculiar. Wipeout's outlanes are metal, and configured just right to eat the ball most of the time it goes over there. You could give the game a little nudge to help on the Slalom Run, but beware.

--- Scoring ---
Well, it depends on the multiball. A good multiball can drive your score through the roof so quick you wouldn't believe it, but otherwise Wipeout is pretty conservative on scoring. I expect average scores to be around 2OO-3OO million, with the best scores breaking over a billion, maybe two or three.

Oh I forgot that. During multiball, triping any of the three "correct" lanes on the Slalom Run awards the Jackpot, which is only 5M. Pretty strange to score jackpots for having the ball bounce around randomly.

Added by Shogun01
Rip The Crude = RTC
Snow Boarding Ramp = SBR
Ski Lift Lane = SLL

S.K.I.E.R.S Bonus: Hit the "B.O.W.L." targets near the SLL to spot a letter. Once spelled out, the SKIERS Bonus mode will activate. In this mode, there are five flashing lanes (RTC, SBR, SLL, the pit and U target) worth 20 million each (100 million in all).

Extra Balls: There are three ways to get an extra ball. The most easiest way is to just buy one at the end of the game. The other two ways is quickly hitting the Panic Button four times or hitting the "Never Ever Target" (NET) when lit. I can't remember how to get the NET target on to lit. I did it a couple of times on the real machine, but I can't replicate it in the emulation.

Bonus Multiplier: To increase you bonus, just collect the three diamonds by shooting the RTC ramp, the SLL and the SBR. The course bonus light will let you know how much you got. Green Circle = 5 mil, Blue Square = 15 mil, Single Diamond = 30 mil and Double Diamond = 60 mil.

Dog POPS Bonus: Hit the bumpers to build up your dog bonus. Light the "Collect Dog Bonus" by having the ball land in the right inlane and collect the actual bonus by shooting the "U" target.

Bonus Hold: Light it up by having the ball land in the left inlane and collect by shooting the RTC ramp.

Ball Rescue Outlanes: Lock a ball in the ski lift and one of the outlanes will light up (Slalom Release). The light will revert between the two outlanes if the bumpers near the flippers get hit.
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