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Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack 2013)

SS Recreation FP Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack 2013) 1.0

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Solid State Machines
Wizard of Oz (Jersey Jack 2013) v1.0
IPD No. 5800

Granit, Akira, and Ghostmachine bring you version 1.0 of Wizard of OZ. Re-created from Jersey Jack Pinball.

Granit and Akira built the table Ramps, layout, targets, lights.

Ghost did DMD, Texture clean up, sound effects, music, cab art, backglass, some Scripts. and five hours of testing.

Game works. Enjoy. Includes full-color DMD (looped). More lights and scripts and Rainbow plastic needed. Anyone with time can add to this and make it better.
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Looks good
The Desktop view is a bit off (I don't see the whole flippers)
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