World Tour (Original)

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Solid State Machines
Authors: (CCL)
Destruk, Nash, polygame, Popotte, ruckage.

You start the game with 3 minutes of playtime.
You have 5 seconds to select between "EASY" and "HARD" play mode - flippers select and plunger button confirms selection, or the game will accept the currently highlighted mode if 5 seconds runs out without pressing the plunger button.
High Scores are kept separate for EASY and HARD game modes. HARD Default Scores are 3x higher than EASY Default Scores.

Hard Level cuts all time bonus award values in half. Hard also disables the warp ball save feature and subtracts 10 seconds each time a Warp Zone is hit.

Hitting the drain with the only ball in play subtracts 10 seconds and gives you another ball if there is time remaining.

When time runs out, Sudden Death mode is activated. Sudden Death means - if your last ball in play hits the Sudden Death alleys or drain then the game is over, however - during this mode, it is possible to acquire more time from a time bonus playfield award to dive back in the back.

Hitting the XTarget cycles the multiplier from 1x to 4x and back to 1x again. You want to hit it 3 times and then never hit it again to keep the maximum 4x multiplier bonus.

Hitting the left or right Warp Zone saucer awards 500*Multiplier points and Unlock some letter for the SpellGame

Hit the back stage pass rollover trigger for 500*Multiplier points.

Hit the back stage pass bonus saucer with one ball in play to award 2000 points and drop the security guard behind the cyclotron. This will provide accessibility to the Tour Bus Kicker behind the Security Guard target.

Hit the Tour Bus Kicker to receive the Cyclotron Jackpot value and enter Video Mode play.
Flippers Select song, plunger key starts mode. The Game Timer is paused during music selection and video game play

Cyclotron targets are worth 100 per hit, and increase the cyclotron jackpot bonus
Hitting the cyclotron entrance trigger awards 500*Multiplier points and resets Cyclotron Jackpot to 0

Hit the Skill Booster trigger on the playfield level, under the Skill gates to increase the Skill Completion Jackpot by 5000 points, no limit!

Hit the Combo Target to increase Combo Values by 100 points per hit (initial combo value is 500, maximum is 1000).
When the MAX Combo light is lit, one more hit will set the Combo Value to the maximum 1000 points/combo

Hit the middle of the ramp when the green tour bus lamp is lit to receive 25000 points. This is a difficult shot, so 25,000 is reasonable IMO. :) In addition to the points, Easy Level awards an extra 60 seconds, And Hard Level awards an extra 30 seconds

Bumpers score 500*Multiplier points/hit, and EASY Level awards 2 seconds/hit. Hard Level awards 1 second/hit
Each bumper hit will randomize that bumper's dial for Equalize This.
When each bumper dial faces the same direction, you get the Time Jackpot of 50000 points.
Easy Level awards 90 seconds
Hard Level awards 45 seconds

Completing all four skill shot gates awards the current Skill Jackpot value
Initially the skill shot jackpot is set to 1000 points

Go Up in Style!
Spell the words "Rock", "Rap", "HipHop", "Reggae" or "Pop" to collect extra Bonus from 5,000 to 40,000

Each caught circle is worth 100 points.
If you get 50+ combos during the same song, then you get 60 seconds added on EASY level, and 30 seconds added on HARD level
Each combo is worth the current combo value
When the song is over, you are awarded 1000 * percent points.
If you play the same song again and get a higher percentage than previously, and your percentage is >60 you get double the success jackpot value
Get the goal percentage or greater success rate it start multiball and light one of the country flags on the backglass
Multiball allows you to hit the bumpers more often for the Equalize This feature, also you can get twice the ramp shots, twice the skill shots, and more cyclotron target hits and warp zone hits. You cannot start another song if you have two balls in play, so it's a strategic choice on your scoring option to go for.

Completing all 11 country flags awards 1 million points
Completing all 11 countries on EASY adds 90 seconds
Completing all 11 countries on HARD adds 45 seconds

Tilting the machine loses 30 seconds off the play clock



In the script Line 4, change SoundVideoMode to FALSE to disable video game sounds during video mode

Special1Key (default "A") -- Fades In/Out the HUD Time Display - for cabinet users simply drag it outside the viewable backglass
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