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WoW - The adventure (Original) by Raico

SS Original Table FP WoW - The adventure (Original) by Raico v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by Raico
at 2011-01-31
Type Original

This is not a pinball... this is an adventure...
collect mushrooms, destroy walls, kill apes, gorillas, tiger and much more...
Sounds like WoW?
It is WoW... and it is a pinball...
More Infos:
Here you must do quest,
collect loot and sell it,
your healing potions replenish stocks,
fighting dinosaurs, monkeys and tigers (or go out of the way)...

A "light" class system and thus become something like adjustable difficulty levels!

You collect titles to get you class-based improvements.
Keep your life bar in the eye and take a healing potion on time (Right Flipper 2).
Destroy the big wooden wall that once you've got the Damage Potion (Left Flipper 2).
Hunt for Hemet wild monkeys, gorillas, panthers and many other animals and get equipment that will improve your life!
With each level up you get for your class bonuses to life, Damage or Armor
Choose between the three classes "Tank ", "Damage Dealer" or "Hybrid" ...
Find out how ... and if you can play with up to 10 balls;)

If you reach Level 85?
1) Don' die!
2) Use healing potions
3) sell loot... earn gold
4) finish quests
5) kill epic mobs...
... have fun!
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