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WWF Body Slam (toy) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation WWF Body Slam (toy) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Made for VP9 By tiltjlp.

When I found this image, I decided to make this for TheMcD and any other wresting fans. Ifve never been a fan, but did watch early studio matches from Ted Turners station with dad in the late 80s, early 90s, when it was much tamer.

I try to make my games both challenging and fun, I test my tables a lot, and in doing so I nudge a good bit, but Ifll also just sit and watch the ball after each launch, so I can see how it reacts. So I was surprised a bit when after launching the ball one time, the ball somehow made its way to the Million Big Time Wrestling cup, with no nudging on my part. So, although it won't happen very often, those big points can be earned. I'm not telling what plunger speed setting I used for that 1,000,000 shot.

And yes, in WWF fashion, I cheated when I took the SS. All I did was switch the million point cup with one of the easy ones up top. And yes, I did remember to switch them back.

I like Put & Take games, since they offer another way of keeping score, and make nudging even more important, I have added my adjustable speed plunger feature so that you have a fighting chance of making so of the lower cups, one of which is worth a million points. I've preset the plunger speed so that without adjusting it, you'll land in one of two top cups, which besides being somewhat boring, will rob you of Pin Game points, and take you over the limit on the Put & Take/21 game. I've also added some wrestling sounds, which might get you psyched a bit. But the Body Slam I've used on the table is doubling the usual relaxed slope of a bagatelle, so the result is a much faster game, faster ball movement, & less time to nudge toward the elusive, unmarked Million Big Time Wrestling cup.

WWF Body Slam 21 Game offers both regular PinGame scoring, as well as Put 'n Take/21 scoring, where the idea is to end as close to 21 poits as possible without going over 21, or ending up with minus points. And since the WWF/WWE never did anything small, the pinball point values, which aren't shown, have been jacked up just a bit, including 1,000,000 for landing in the right cup. So nudging can help you go Over The Top, as you decide to pile on the Pin Game points, or try to win Put 'n Take/21, since it's not easy to do both. Enhanced Nudging: Shift keys nudge diagonally. Z & /, side to side, Space, upward, as usual. Shift/flipper keys nudge diagonally.
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