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Xenon (Bally, 1980) ULTIMATE Pro FizX

Bally SS Recreation BAM FizX FP Xenon (Bally, 1980) ULTIMATE Pro FizX 1.02d FizX

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Xenon (Bally, 1980) ULTIMATE Pro 1.02d FizX
IPD No. 2821

Someone contacted me about wanting to play this table so I decided I would update it to FizX and release it. This table was originally built by Docam, and then updated by SLAMTILT to his ULTIMATE table series.

SLAMTILT changed how this table plays compared to the original.
  • When Eve's lifeforce is draining, the bumpers will lose power (and points), 1 each time until they're all unlit. Shooting the spinner will increase Eve's lifeforce by a small amount, and will power an unlit bumper back on if enough lifeforce is collected. But shooting the tube and getting to the chamber is always the better option for a full recharge.
  • If Eve's lifeforce drops to zero she holds her breath and makes a desperate attempt to return to the chamber, so only a ramp shot can save her. During this time the player's score will rapidly decline until it reaches zero, when the table will tilt and the ball will be lost.

This is similar to nFozzy physics on VPX and a huge upgrade over the previous FP physics.


Docam - Recreated the original Xenon table
SLAMT1LT - Ultimate mod including sounds, music, code, DMD
FLEEP - new mechanical sounds
JLou - FizX and support
TerryRed - FizX All in One table guide for upgrading tables to the new FizX physics
The devs on Pinball Nirvana - helping out when I have questions
AnonTet - added the Wecoc spinner, timer and code to the table
Ravarcade - BAM and providing assistance with BAM features
Chris Leathley - creator of Future Pinball

Thanks to AnonTet, GeorgeH and JLou for testing the table and providing feedback


This table is a fan-made work of passion, and is NOT intended for commercial usage or to be included in any part of a commercial sale!


Future Pinball and BAM (1.5-357 or higher) is REQUIRED to play this table!
  • for new installs, you can get a 2 in 1 installer at ravarcade’s site (link is below)

Always run FPLoader.exe in /Future Pinball/BAM folder to play this table. DO NOT run directly from the FuturePinball.exe:
  • FPLoader.exe needs to have administrator level permissions. You can change this file to "Run as Administrator" in the file properties
  • If the application is crashing, try switching the compatibility mode on FPLoader.exe to Windows 7 compatibility

Download and unzip the zip file into /Future Pinball/Tables. This will create a Xenon folder where two files will be located in it, a .fpt and a .zip
  • DO NOT unzip the zip file named Xenon ULTIMATE Pro 1.02a.zip that will be in the unzipped folder, it must stay as a zip with the table file (.fpt) to use the new 1k physics Ball. If you have already set the 1k Ball as a default in your BAM folder, then you can ignore this file and delete it. If unsure, leave it there
RayCast Shadows

Raycast has been added to the table and is ON by default. This can be an issue on older hardware. To turn it off, go into the table script and search for use_RayCast_Shadows and change the value after the = from true to false. Save the table and close Future Pinball before launching your table again.


ULTIMATE Pro 1.02d - FizX

-changed left flipper swing from 52 to 48 and start angle from 121 to 120 as suggested by JLou
-changed right flipper swing from 52 to 48 and start angle from 239 to 240 as suggested by JLou
-modified all FizX rubbers as suggested by JLou
-changed bumper vectorRandomness from 2 to 5 as suggested by JLou
-increased bumper strength in FP editor from 3 to 5 as suggested by JLou

ULTIMATE Pro 1.02c - FizX

-hardened some rubbers around the slings, except top rubbers as suggested by GeorgeH
-reduced omega from 35 to 30 on the FizX slingshot diverters
-reduced Table slope from 5.0 to 4.9 as suggested by GeorgeH
-changed start angle of both flippers by 1 as suggested by GeorgeH
-recreated right ramp
-increased FizX omega tip value from 27 to 30
-added the two missing guides under the flippers
-moved left flipper x axis from 147.5833 to 145
-moved right flipper x axis from 321.125 to 323.5
-moved left and right flipper y axis from 899 to 896
-moved the flipper lane guides to prevent ball bounce
-increased livecatchdifficulty to 5 as suggested by JLou
-decreased RampUpLinearity from 4 to 2 as suggested by AnonTet
-fixed the scripting for the top left and right rubbers not generating the Xenon hit sound and score when hit, adding the FizX rubberbands had prevented the hit generation
-changed left kicker angle as this would usually hit the right flipper or go in the flipper lane when this should in fact hit the right slingshot
-rebuilt rubbers below left bumper
-changed plastic post rubber at left orbit entry to tiny rubber metal peg and moved it to proper location
-added a metal rubber peg on the left to the right ramp entry - was missing from real table
-increased rubber softness to 2 for all rubbers facing bumpers
-increased left orbit lane spinner spin rate - reduced spinDampLoose from 0.30 to 0.15
-added raycast shadows which are ON by default, to disable the feature, check the main table page description for details
-AnonTet added the Wecoc spinner toy, trigger, timer and code
-fixed credit amount display on backglass not going to zero from 1
-created shadowmaps and imported TGA file as suggested by GeorgeH

ULTIMATE Pro 1.02b - FizX

-lowered FP_BallRoll_Max_Volume to 0.1 from 0.6 as GeorgeH suggested

ULTIMATE Pro 1.02a - FizX - Runner

-added FizX 2.0 using Terry's AIO 1.6 table and guide
-moved top left gate further left as on real table


-fixed tube lights not syncing with lifeforce level
-fixed flag for multiball lock not clearing for new game
-fixed bumpers not turning back on when chamber hit during score drain
-fixed spinner not turning bumpers back on when lifeforce increased
-rule change: tube activity now stops during score drain
-slightly reduced lifeforce drain


-improved physics and geometry
-added new music and sound fx
-improved lighting
-added ball rolling fx and dynamic flippers
-improved rules and added new feautres
-added new light inserts
-added a DMD
-fixed numerous bugs
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Latest updates

  1. ULTIMATE Pro 1.02d - FizX

    -changed left flipper swing from 52 to 48 and start angle from 121 to 120 as suggested by JLou...
  2. ' ULTIMATE Pro 1.02c - FizX

    ' hardened some rubbers around the slings, except top rubbers as suggested by GeorgeH ' reduced...
  3. ' ULTIMATE Pro 1.02b - FizX

    lowered FP_BallRoll_Max_Volume to 0.1 from 0.6 as GeorgeH suggested

Latest reviews

Nice Job, plays fine.
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This is the only table that crashes and i am up to date on setting and bam. I cant figure this out.
Message me directly or use the discussion tab so we can troubleshoot this.
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Love the computer generated voices! This was one of my favorite physical pinball machines! You sir have done it Justice! I downloaded 1.02b, before I got to install it you uploaded 1.02c. Now you just uploaded 1.02d. Here I go again! :-)
lol, a new version is coming soon with upgraded textures and backglass and lighting.
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Another FizX updated table and also another VR beauty. The art alone is reason enough to have this table in the collection but let us not forget it never played better due to FizX. If you want Xenon in FP, this is the version to have.
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Awesome table.
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This is a nice clean update to a great table.

I adjusted FP_BallRoll_Max_Volume to 0.1 which might seem low but I noticed it gets multiplied by 10 in the script. I have seen others adjust ball-rolling sounds this loud but it is a distraction to me and doesn't seem realistic when it is that loud. This is not a problem for the table because FP_BallRoll_Max_Volume was placed there for end users to adjust.
Thanks George! It's indeed better with what you said. It was indeed loud and I didn't know I could change it. Release 1.02b will have that update in it.
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