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Hey all. After a considerable amount of work and testing, Zone Fury VPX has been released to the VP world.

Zone Fury VPX is my third table for VPX, and is a conversion/rebuild of the VP9 version I made about a decade ago. For those who hadn't played the VP9 version, Zone Fury is based on the Zone mode in the Playstation 3 game Wipeout HD. In Zone Fury, the goal is to get to as high a Zone as you possibly can. The table starts out at Zone 0 (Sub-Venom), and you advance Zones by making ramp shots, orbit shots, completing ZONE, and accruing 10,000 in bonus during the current ball. You progress through the Zones as in the original game. From the Wipeout speed classes early on, up to and beyond Zone 75 (Supersonic), Triggers on the playfield accelerate the ball as you progress through the Zones. The force of the bumpers also increases with each named Zone. The idea is that the game gets progressively faster as you get into the higher Zones.

The game is essentially unchanged from the VP9 version but I did put in some enhancements:

-Physics are currently based on JP's physics (may look at nFozzy in a future update, haven't learned it myself yet)
-Replaced the old shoot-again light with an LED display that displays the remaining ball-save time similar to what Spooky Pinball did on games like Rick & Morty and TNA. This display shows *SA* when you've won an extra ball.
-New callouts for certain events (locks lit, zone boosts scored, combos, etc.)
-Added GI lights which change colors with the named Zones as well as at certain Battle Zones while in multiball. This is in addition to the flippers changing colors when not in multiball.
-Changed LOCK to light all three locks when completed in any order for the first multiball of the game. Makes it a little easier to get the first multiball in a game. LOCK on subsequent multiballs still light one lock at a time unless completed in sequence.
-Completing LOCK in multiball advances the battle zone by 0.2.
-Shooting left orbit now advances 1 Zone in general play, or the battle zone by 0.2 when in multiball
-Winning any sponsor in multiball now advances Battle Zone by 0.5.
-Table remembers the status of LOCK drop targets across players/balls for multiball purposes
-Table remembers status of ZONE lights across players/balls
-Reduced number of Zone Boost jackpots needed for Mirage sponsor from 4 to 2.
-Changed Assegai sponsor requirement to "Battle Zone 10.0+ Zone Boost"
-Changed AG-Systems sponsor requirement to "Attain Zone 80"
-Clearing either the EG-X or G45 drop targets in any order now lights the Piranha Spinner for 1,000 points/spin for the remainder of the current ball.
-Clearing both EG-X and G45 drop targets once in the same ball sets all scores to 2x for remainder of ball. -Clearing both three times in the same ball sets all scores to 3x for remainder of ball. Clearing both a total of five times in the same ball sets all scores to 6x for remainder of ball.
-Added a ramp-combo system to the game that was not in the VP9 version. This can increase the playfield multiplier to 2x, 3x, or 6x for 30 seconds if you make enough shots.
-Added a skill shot at the start of each ball that was not in the VP9 version. This scores 10,000 x the number of skill shots made (max 50,000), advances 1 Zone, and advances the bonus multiplier.
-Added some new music and also added music options which can be adjusted in the F6 operator settings. -By default it should be set to Player Choice All, which means you can change the music with the flippers at the start of each ball before plunging, and you can also use the flippers to change the music track at the start of multiball. All music is embedded into the table.
-Added a tournament mode which can be set in the F6 operator settings. Tournament mode disables extra balls and specials (these score points instead)

Please note this is released as a VP 10.7 table. Most of the build and testing was done on 10.7.3 or the revision 410 build of 10.7.4. This table runs perfectly fine on 10.8. The only issue I see with running this in 10.8 is the plastics along the outer edge of the playfield are not entirely correct. I suspect it has to do with materials settings in 10.8, and I haven't yet figured out how to resolve those to my liking on this table. This is something I'll look at in a future update.

There is a B2S backglass included with the table zip. It's more meant for cabinet guys, but DT players can use it if they wish. However, please note that I didn't disable the DT score displays when B2S is active on this table.

While modifications for personal use are okay. please reach out to me if you'd like to mod this table for public release. I'll be curious as to what is intended, as it may be something that never occurred to me. I'll likely be good with mods for VR rooms, specific cabinet setups, and DOF mods as I know next to nothing about how to set any of that stuff up, and I have no DOF or VR hardware to test. The table has some basic DOF commands in the script for some (likely not all) of the mechanical bits. I used some code originally created by VPU user Outhere that I adapted to this table.

Any suggestions or comments on how I can improve this table are welcome. There is still much about building tables in VPX I still need to learn. Please keep comments constructive, as any non-constructive flames will be stoned to death ("Look, a flamer! May we burn him?") :-)

If you like this table, positive reviews would be most appreciated as they will encourage me to make more tables.

Take Care.
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Very dull table. Back glass and dmd are very flaky
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Great table based off a great game series
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Very nice table. The play is excellent. Great job!
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