1. xenonph @ xenonph:
    @magrelogyn22 Você pode baixar o instalador BAM 2 em 1 aqui... Você pode encontrar mesas de Pinball do Futuro aqui...
  2. magrelogyn22 @ magrelogyn22:
    ola! Boa noite galera alguem sabe aonde eu baixo um emulador de futuro pimball com varias tables...rsrsrs
  3. magrelogyn22 @ magrelogyn22:
  4. Liteuser. @ Liteuser.:
    Yeah, Im still here. :rasta:
  5. Pop Bumper Pete @ Pop Bumper Pete:
    This will get you started on the Spinal Tap recreation
  6. M @ motherofinvention:
    I recently picked up the table for cheap (it is beat). Trying to track down some mpu problems and having a copy of these roms will be very helpful.
  7. xenonph @ xenonph:
  8. M @ motherofinvention:
    Nice, at first I wasn't able to download it, must have been because I had just registered.
  9. xenonph @ xenonph:
  10. M @ motherofinvention:
    I am in search of a rom for a certain table, from a certain manufacturer, which has been certainly hard to find.
  11. M @ motherofinvention:
    Hey all, new here!
  12. xenonph @ xenonph:
    Greetings Earthlings 👽👽👽
  13. floridadude5150$$$ @ floridadude5150$$$:
  14. Pokitren @ Pokitren:
    Hi all!
  15. R @ regismaltais:
    thanks for saving PinSimDB tables
  16. G Guest:
    @xenonph thank you for your link. I will have a look at it.
  17. floridadude5150$$$ @ floridadude5150$$$:
    Great Man
  18. xenonph @ xenonph:
    @axeblade Yes he seems to always remove the links to the tables he works on. Check this post and you will find what you are looking for...
  19. axeblade @ axeblade:
    I want to download all pinball tables of Slamt1lt that are mentioned on his site but download section is not there. So I hoped I could find here all the tables including the Slamt1lt ones. For example Attack from Mars I cannot find anywhere.
  20. xenonph @ xenonph:
    @lukeloop Have you tried opening the table with Future Pinball program, seeing that it is a Future Pinball table? Future Pinball Tables will not work with the Visual Pinball program.
  21. lukeloop @ lukeloop:
    i cant get surf champ to work on visual pinball I get an error fp-EM-gOTTLEIB cant be found or something
  22. xenonph @ xenonph:
  23. Ian (WVP) @ Ian (WVP):
    i suppose the sensible question would be mentioning which Slam Tables your after.
  24. axeblade @ axeblade:
    And where can I find the Slamtilt tables?
  25. axeblade @ axeblade:
    Can I download here future pinball tabled?
  26. Isaac Sauvage @ Isaac Sauvage:
    @Guest, Duglis drops in here and there through the years. You can search upon his name to find latest results. Also, I believe his classic email still works, at least last time I tested it, maybe in '20-21.
  27. G Guest:
    Is Duglis still around?
  28. R @ regismaltais:
    Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION (PinEvent V2) The Best of all!
  29. G Guest:
    Hello all, playing Atlantis(Gottlieb)(1975)(Margoni) with Future pinball with BAM. The drop targets bank doe not reset when I start a new game. The drop targets stay like in the lst game. How can i fix it? Thanks!
  30. G Guest:
    vpe is just a cream pie
  31. floridadude5150$$$ @ floridadude5150$$$:
  32. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  33. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    @Mike d You Might want to Start a thread here: Maintenance & Repair:
  34. M @ Mike d:
  35. M @ Mike d:
    So i have a dealers choice and evverything works it just won't loaded the ball
  36. G Guest:
  37. floridadude5150$$$ @ floridadude5150$$$:
    @Ian (WVP) I Have Join youre forum bro
  38. G Guest:
    @Ian (WVP) I have Join youre forum
  39. Isaac Sauvage @ Isaac Sauvage:
    Oof. Now if this isn't the height of civilisation, I'm not sure what IS:
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    @xenonph Thank you
  41. xenonph @ xenonph:
    @floridadude5150$$$ Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!! :birthday:
  42. floridadude5150$$$ @ floridadude5150$$$:
  43. R @ regismaltais:
    looking for VP995 source code
  44. floridadude5150$$$ @ floridadude5150$$$:
  45. G Guest:
  46. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    lol! :kick:
  47. xenonph @ xenonph:
    :jedi2: i am your Father!!
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  49. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  50. floridadude5150$$$ @ floridadude5150$$$: