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    Wrong answer
  2. B @ Bendigo:
  3. StevOz @ StevOz:
  4. popotte @ popotte:
    Link (EFMI) is good but I can't swear it's the real RC1.00 (my RC 1.00 is not the same).
  5. G Guest:
    Link down šŸ˜­ @StevOz
  6. StevOz @ StevOz:
  7. G Guest:
  8. G Guest:
    the monkey island link]?
  9. G Guest:
    hi,i need the monkey island tables
  10. G Guest:
    B250M-HDV p3-roc
  11. G Guest:
    top hand
  12. M @ marclag:
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  14. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  15. D @ Dave Ferguson:
    I am hoping someone can help me .My pinball machine will mot advance to another ball unless I manually do it orif i tilt it it will advance. This has me puzzled. All i did was some cleaning. It was just fine now i have troubles
  16. druadic @ druadic:
    With primitives you create just about ANY SHAPE and drop it into a play field and animate it. This is mind blowing and interesting to say the least.
  17. Anthias @ Anthias:
    Awesome! Well done Druadic!
  18. G Guest:
  19. druadic @ druadic:
    Anthias: I figured out how to use primitives with gates. It's a bit confusing to say the least but once you figure it out it's not too bad. Makes the gates look so much nicer and work better too!
  20. druadic @ druadic:
    I just contacted JP Salas over at VPF for that information Anthias. If he tells me I'll put it up in a post somewhere here.
  21. Anthias @ Anthias:
    I'm suspecting my issues might be hardware related at this point. For the gates, I'm wondering if there is a model with those properties you can import? Alternativly, if you know your POV is fixed, you could possibly fake it with a transparent surface and some decals above the height of the ball.
  22. druadic @ druadic:
    That was me below Anthias. Sorry about that.
  23. G Guest:
    Only issue I have with VPX is the gates. No front or back imagery. Wonder WHY they took this out? i need to be able to use this fuction right now actually but have no idea how to script it if it is possible.
  24. Anthias @ Anthias:
    yeah, VPX is doing my head in already. Assigned materials, graphics, etc, checked heights, everything looks fine, but my table is a flat pink mess no matter what I do. Oh well, have to keep plugging away. Same table was perfect in VP9, but try to change it over and VPX hates it. Sure not planning to start from scratch lol it'll be another twenty years before a release came out!.
  25. druadic @ druadic:
    I only do DESKTOP tables. Itchigo releases my work for "full screen" stuff at Rogue. People seem to be wanting more PC tables as of recently.
  26. druadic @ druadic:
    I have no idea, but think there are settings for that within the program itself. Ask Itchigo at Rogue Pinball as he would know.
  27. Anthias @ Anthias:
    Good to hear, Druadic :) I'll have to have a tinker. Do I need to make two seperate tables for fullscreen and desktop or is it like FP where one table does both?
  28. druadic @ druadic:
    Anthias; I am MUCH happier with VPX than I was with VP9. All my newest tables are VPX 6.
  29. Anthias @ Anthias:
    Amazing how hard it is trying to remember everything after so long! Trying to decide on course now - vp9 or vpx... I might have a cab one day...
  30. druadic @ druadic:
    TO THE GUEST BELOW: Your post should be placed in VP/VPM Help and Support within the site. Someone MAY be able to help you with your problems. Just FYI!
  31. G Guest:
    Just downloaded a VPX table, it asked a bunch of questions, then crashed. Deleted it immediately. I download a table to play it, nbot for a million stupid questions about my gear before I can start! Not sure VPX is an improvement if we have to go through that every time...
  32. P @ polygame:
    still not much time for table building but I still follow conversation from a far. Wishing everyone a very good WE!
  33. G Guest:
    custom cards
  34. druadic @ druadic:
    Thanks JPH. Much appreciated.
  35. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  36. druadic @ druadic:
    Thank you and much appreciated xenonph. I appreciate folks who enjoy pre war games! More IS coming. Stay tuned.
  37. xenonph @ xenonph:
    Happy Birthday Druadic!! Your contributions to the community are appreciated!! Thanks for all you do!! Carry on.
  38. inkochnito @ inkochnito:
    Happy New Year everybody!!!
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  40. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    Happy New Year!
  41. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    Merry Christmas Jon!
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  43. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    Merry Christmas!
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    Zep et guns sale musique de vieux
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    le zep , bof de la rampe encore de la rampe toujours de la rampe chez Stern en ce moment. C'est chiant
  46. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    @Guest, blue chips might be reserved for Registered Users....:santawink:
  47. G Guest:
    blue chip
  48. G @ gragar:
    como puedo abrir las mesas VPX. He instalado Visual Pinball y solo abre las mesas VPt
  49. TheManFromPOST @ TheManFromPOST:
    it looks more brighter
  50. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    The site was updated today! :fruitdance: