1. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @TheHermit You should post questions under the "First Aid Station" options under the FP or VP topics.
  2. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    You can post videos on the site or add links from YouTube.
  3. Chairman7w @ Chairman7w:
    Hey guys, am I allowed to post links to Videos I make about virtual pinball?
  4. TheHermit @ TheHermit:
    My next pinball table/arcade game hybrid is taking shape... :joy:
  5. G Guest:
    change backglass
  6. TheHermit @ TheHermit:
    What I'm trying to do is have an image hidden that when shown appears where some standard (non-image) lights are, but using a decal on a drop wall the image is ALWAYS over the lights. Any suggestions?
  7. TheHermit @ TheHermit:
    In VP9.95 do Decals not move on the top of a drop wall?
  8. G Guest:
    StarShip TrOOpers - vpx pup pack
  9. G Guest:
    willy wonka rom
  10. G Guest:
    led zeppelin
  11. G Guest:
    computer harsware
  12. G Guest:
  13. druadic @ druadic:
    FranciscoPozo: I've done flipperless works for over 20 years. I agree that PRE WAR tables (some other folks call them flipperless) ARE the essence and soul of pinball. It's where pinball STARTED.
  14. FranciscoPozo @ FranciscoPozo:
    Some time ago I read a comment by Jon Purple Haze referring to the fact that FLIPPERLESS PINBALLS were the essence, the soul, the spirit of pinballs and that they were undervalued. That inspired me a lot and I put aside other recreations.
  15. G Guest:
  16. T @ tbanthony:
  17. G @ Guto:
    blade runner 2.0 dmd not showing, please help
  18. G @ Guto:
    blade runner 2.0
  19. F @ Frankn:
    Anyone here?
  20. F @ Frankn:
  21. G Guest:
    Pinball emporium
  22. R @ Retroking1985:
    Pinball emporium
  23. G Guest:
    harley quinn
  24. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  25. G Guest:
    great page
  26. J @ Juan:
  27. Ian (WVP) @ Ian (WVP):
  28. G Guest:
  29. G Guest:
  30. G Guest:
    yellow submarine
  31. F @ FuzzySilk:
  32. G Guest:
    jive time
  33. K @ korki:
    theme star war (stern), stinks musty đź‘Ž
  34. G Guest:
  35. G Guest:
  36. G Guest:
    Pinball emporium
  37. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @NateMac00, We could use someone that has the ability to improve playfield textures, especially on the Walking Dead located here: ([])
  38. NateMac00 @ NateMac00:
    I'm looking to collaborate on a table build. I would like to learn by assisting someone else. I don't have the table skill yet, but by day I am a professional 3D artist so i'm hoping that skill set could be useful to someone. Let me know if anyone has thoughts on this or a better place to post myself as an asset.
  39. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    @worldofVP You can get all of SLAM's Ultimate Pro tables on my share for now until he updates them again. You can find the link on my FP and BAM Mega Guide 2.0 in the tables section
  40. G Guest:
    Mp3 files gargamel park
  41. M @ mderoller:
    Batman 66
  42. wewg24 @ wewg24:
    Indianapolis 500 (Bally 1995)
  43. M @ Macca38au:
    Atari Centipede
  44. R @ rydiga64:
  45. Ian (WVP) @ Ian (WVP):
    does any one if SlamTilt is still doing tables and where we can get them?