1. Ian (WVP) @ Ian (WVP):
    find us on discord now World of Virtual Pinball#8095 ( Virtual Pinball Chat )
  2. Ian (WVP) @ Ian (WVP):
  3. Duglis @ Duglis:
    old pc
  4. StevOz @ StevOz:
    Why not just use the latest VP 10.7 beta, you can run multiple versions of VP.
  5. Duglis @ Duglis:
    same with the Walking Dead?
  6. Duglis @ Duglis:
    Anyone have a link to an older version of Avengers Classic LE by JPSalas...before the 10.7 update? older X version? :p
  7. S @ seadooxp30:
    Anyone know what happened to Natemac? Pinball emporium
  8. juniorfaustino934 @ juniorfaustino934:
    @romolo2002 posted the thread Flipperless Ambush (Williams 1973) in Visual Pinball New Releases.
  9. Duglis @ Duglis:
    Hi subzero. what's up? :)
  10. subzero @ subzero:
    so, this place is still going.... wow
  11. druadic @ druadic:
    Glad the same for you too Duglis! Thanks.
  12. G Guest:
    Arcade Gun Game Williams 70's post recreation flipperless download vpt
  13. G Guest:
    @romulo2002: Ambush Williams Gun Game post flipperless download
  14. Duglis @ Duglis:
    Yeah. I’m glad you are ok despite some setbacks!
  15. druadic @ druadic:
    Hello Duglis! Long time no see!
  16. Duglis @ Duglis:
  17. G Guest:
  18. druadic @ druadic:
    Sky Kings is for VP 9 ONLY. Did you run the game in VP9? DO NOT use VPX.
  19. druadic @ druadic:
    Sky Kings id for VP 9 ONLY. Did you run the game in VP9? DO NOT use VPX.
  20. G Guest:
    bally sky kings tope hole wont eject ball
  21. G Guest:
  22. druadic @ druadic:
    Rogue Pinball IS BACK UP FOLKS.
  23. juniorfaustino934 @ juniorfaustino934:
    Boa Noite, vou postar a máquina de arcade electromecanico para download chama Space Flight (Bally 1969).vpt VP9 Flipperless
  24. G Guest:
    junior faustino vou postar a máquina de pinball da LTD Haunted Hotel.VPX por favor
  25. G Guest:
    what a new resource: Gangbusters (Midway 1974).vpt and flipperless recreation download
  26. Paolo @ Paolo:
    if you do not receive them, please enable notifications in both your account preferences and chat options, thank you
  27. Paolo @ Paolo:
    Hi everyone, I'am checking some tests in chat if someone called by me, gets a notification, please let me know,THANKS
  28. druadic @ druadic:
    So do I. Just out the blue the site went down so I am assuming he got tired of it. Who knows but I haven't heard from him. I'll keep texting him.
  29. R @ rockhouse:
    thanks hope he is o.k
  30. druadic @ druadic:
    No idea rockhouse. I am trying to contact Itchigo via phone. He's been down for days now.
  31. R @ rockhouse:
    what is problem with rogue pinball site
  32. Paolo @ Paolo:
    Dear friends, don't you see my greeting in the chat? do you have chat disabled? please enable chat, say hello is a pleasure to receive
  33. juniorfaustino934 @ juniorfaustino934:
    VP9 Surfing 1972 Sega Entreprises Ltd
  34. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  35. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  36. juniorfaustino934 @ juniorfaustino934:
    coin-op arcade gun game williams 1972
  37. G Guest:
  38. juniorfaustino934 @ juniorfaustino934:
    Ambush gun game williams 1973 vpt
  39. juniorfaustino934 @ juniorfaustino934:
    vou baixar o download Ambus (Williams 1973).vpt no flipperless coin-op
  40. juniorfaustino934 @ juniorfaustino934:
    olá, eu tõ no site Pinball Nirvaba em ingles, vou postar o jogo Ambush (Williams, 1973). vpt no flipperless
  41. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    Hey @Hanson2, king of our old Arcade, it's gone :sadblinky: We need some new Game Managers..:salut:
  42. Hanson2 @ Hanson2:
    Hi, I'm back since a long time and I'm looking for the game section. Is there no arcade anymore?
  43. P @ pascalou:
    space cadet
  44. G Guest:
  45. F @ frana50:
  46. Furio @ Furio:
    @Furio: @wild Ti ringrazio per l' aiuto
  47. Paolo @ Paolo:
    @Furio non preoccuparti se riesci ad inserire il tavolo,e dimentichi qualcosa,i membri dello staff,completeranno l'inserimento,ad esempio se dimentichi qualche prefisso,o tag,o IPD.No...xxxx,vai tranquillo! se hai bisogno di altro aiuto fammelo sapere ti inviero un pm,più dettagliato,ciao
  48. Paolo @ Paolo:
    @Furio metti la versione del tavolo,inserisci la tua descrizione,sotto cè un altra casella "attach file"serve a inserire le immagini del tuo tavolo,poi cè sfoglia,qui inserisci l'icona del tuo tavolo,tralascia le altre cose.
  49. Paolo @ Paolo:
    @Furio scegli la sezione del tavolo,poi ti apre una finestra coi vari inserimenti,il prefisso,il titolo,il taggato,poi inserisci il tavolo,cè la casella "attack file"metti il tavolo in una cartella zippata
  50. Paolo @ Paolo:
    @Furio,clicca su risorse,appena apri questa pagina guarda in alto e a destra vedi la casella arancione"add resource cliccala