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    Pinball emporium
  4. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @NateMac00, We could use someone that has the ability to improve playfield textures, especially on the Walking Dead located here: ([])
  5. NateMac00 @ NateMac00:
    I'm looking to collaborate on a table build. I would like to learn by assisting someone else. I don't have the table skill yet, but by day I am a professional 3D artist so i'm hoping that skill set could be useful to someone. Let me know if anyone has thoughts on this or a better place to post myself as an asset.
  6. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    @worldofVP You can get all of SLAM's Ultimate Pro tables on my share for now until he updates them again. You can find the link on my FP and BAM Mega Guide 2.0 in the tables section
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    Mp3 files gargamel park
  8. M @ mderoller:
    Batman 66
  9. wewg24 @ wewg24:
    Indianapolis 500 (Bally 1995)
  10. M @ Macca38au:
    Atari Centipede
  11. R @ rydiga64:
  12. worldofVP @ worldofVP:
    does any one if SlamTilt is still doing tables and where we can get them?
  13. D @ dvdedmen1:
  14. MajorFrenchy @ MajorFrenchy:
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  18. MajorFrenchy @ MajorFrenchy:
    Guys Got a new Future Pinball Coding with DOFLinx series. Video 1 of 5 :
  19. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  20. M @ masterboy:
  21. worldofVP @ worldofVP:
    please note World of VPX is now World of Virtual Pinball
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    I didn't want to write
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    Sorry I wrong
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  25. worldofVP @ worldofVP:
    @snipedaddy Do you mean here? as they are on other sites
  26. S @ snipedaddy:
    Will Pup Packs be available soon?
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    baller installer
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  29. T @ TheElmz:
  30. wild @ wild:
    @virtualman I know, but where did you see (3.00).fpt?
  31. virtualman @ virtualman:
    i have to say looks and plays amazing on FP
  32. wild @ wild:
    @virtualman certainly, but not version 3.00
  33. virtualman @ virtualman:
    I may have found it @wild - this look familiar ? Space Cadet (Maxis) (FranzLeo)(3.00).fpt
  34. virtualman @ virtualman:
    @wild sorry to here about your friend lost :(, but I'm all ears on FP version :) Space Cadet
  35. wild @ wild:
    @virtualman it will be, a coincidence, then I of the vpx version, I don't know anything, but I can direct you to a version for FP of a dear friend of mine who passed away, which, moreover, I am updating to Bam.
  36. virtualman @ virtualman:
    this table
  37. virtualman @ virtualman:
    Hi Team, @worldofVPX I saw this table Space Cadet enhanced VPX and i nearly melted! Any chance anyone can post the table in resources? I can't find it anywhere ...
  38. worldofVP @ worldofVP:
    Thanks all sorted now that the virtualpinballdownload site has been shut down :)
  39. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    @worldofVPX From what I know, they thought you were on that shady virtualpinballdownload site (that was put up from the guy who tried to create a fake FB account acting like it was me) and they thought you were doing the stuff on there that pissed off people. Clearly you also had someone pretending to be you. Just contact (Dazz) Billy on the other FB groups like Addicts or PuP Groups and explain. He's a good dude and should understand.
  40. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @worldofVPX I'd say try back later. The site is down right now.
  41. worldofVP @ worldofVP:
    *** help required *** If anyone has access to VPUniverse they could ask why i would be banned i cannot access the site and there is no contact details just the word BANNED, ive no idea why as i have been a member since 2016, i dont upload and dont scrape.
  42. vladaymir @ vladaymir:
    Demon's Tilt Pinball is actually pretty neat. Worth a try, got it from Steam!
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    Where's The best place to get pup packs now?
  44. G Guest:
    So unfortunate, was such a great site:(
  45. P @ PinHead76:
    vpinball has closed
  46. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    Pinball Nirvana is 18 years old! The fireworks image below was added to the Media section. Drool over some pinball cakes in this post: (4/1/03 site was born....) :birthday::birthdayboy:
  47. JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
  48. G Guest:
    I need medusa custom score cards 2
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    Back to the future