• Many thanks to Ian Longstaff for his lovely table roundups, posted on YT. And here is... WEEK SEVEN!

    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.


  1. U

    VPX Frontend Media Dale Jr. NASCAR Pinball (Stern, 2007) VPX - P.E.C.M. v3.0

    Dale Jr. NASCAR Pinball (Stern, 2007) VPX - P.E.C.M. v3.0 IPD No. 5292 Table Created By: JPSALAS Download Table: Dale Jr. NSACAR Table B2S: Dale Jr. NASCAR B2S Rom: Dale Jr. NASCAR Rom What this label means: P.E.C.M. - Pinball Emporium Complete Media All media is included: Menu Image Logo...
  2. NitroNimbus

    Stern SS Recreation BAM FP Family Guy (Stern, 2007)

    NitroNimbus submitted a new resource: FAMILY GUY - MOD 2.0 Read more about this resource...
  3. jpsalas

    VP9 SS Original Table Spider-Man (Original) VP9 v1.02 JP

    Spider-Man (Original) VP9 v1.02 JP by JPSalas IPD No. 5237 Layout and Rules inspired on the Spider-Man table by Stern from 2007. Thanks to StrangeLeo for the voices and music. Revision History: Rules:
  4. bob

    VP9 SS Original Table SyncoBob Muppets (Original) 2007 (VP8) and 2011 (VP9)

    SyncoBob Muppets (Original) v2007 (VP8) and 2011 (VP9) For the 2011 edition, you can easily change the table to a 4x3 resolution by changing the Xscale to "2" on the backdrop options. Press C during game for more Rules and instructions Playing Tip - Always try to aim the ball through the...
  5. faralos

    VP9 SS Recreation Marvel Super Heroes (Zizzle, 2007) VP9 v1.1

    Marvel Zizzle 2007 by Faralos IPD No. 5643 This is a custom redo of a commercial table sold by the Zizzle company. All sounds and the scoring is custom done by Faralos with extensive help from Wizards hat! I did not have the original table to help me with sounds and scoring so it is a...
  6. faralos

    VP9 SS Recreation Marvel Zizzle now redone in VP9!

    I redid the Zizzle Marvel table that I did last year in vp8 for VP9! I redid some of the sounds, built a table around the playfield, changed the rubbers to blue, put in a newer scoring routine, and made the translucent ramps a see-thru BLUE!! As far as I know no-one else has ever done colored...
  7. D

    VP8 Stern SS Recreation Dale Jr. (Stern, 2007) VP8 v2.2 (Samples Version)

    TAB/Destruk, Version:2.2, Stern 2007, IPD No. 5292
  8. D

    VP9 Stern SS Recreation Dale Jr. (Stern, 2007) VP9 v2.2 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    TAB/Destruk Version:2.2 Stern 2007 IPD No. 5292 Notes: Limited Edition run of Stern's 2005 'NASCAR®'. ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/nascar.2113/
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