• Many thanks to Ian Longstaff for his lovely table roundups, posted on YT. And here is... WEEK SEVEN!

    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.


  1. theGhost787

    SS Recreation FP Magic Girl (John Popadiuk et al, 2011-?) v1.0 WIP

    Magic Girl 1.0 for future pinball. table by shawna. plastic, scripts, and sounds by ghost. Free for upgrades. Version 1.0 includes green magic ball for double score. 2 ramps. DMD, Hologram and lighting. Soundtrack from Soundcloud. Enjoy the game...
  2. bob

    VP9 SS Original Table SyncoBob Muppets (Original) 2007 (VP8) and 2011 (VP9)

    SyncoBob Muppets (Original) v2007 (VP8) and 2011 (VP9) For the 2011 edition, you can easily change the table to a 4x3 resolution by changing the Xscale to "2" on the backdrop options. Press C during game for more Rules and instructions Playing Tip - Always try to aim the ball through the...
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