1. bob

    Zen Pinball M widescreen backglasses

    There is a new game of video Pinball software by Zen studios called "Pinball M." The "M" stands for "Mature" meaning these are M rated and not T rated like the other Zen Pinball FX game. These are to be used by anyone who uses 2 screens to play Zen Pinball. The first 5 tables were released...
  2. bob

    Pinball FX Backglasses for a widescreen monitor

    I own all the tables currently available for Pinball FX and I play in cabinet mode with 2 monitors. These backglass images are for widescreen backglass monitors, my old 4:3 backglass monitor died so I replaced it with my 27" monitor and purchased a new 27" rotatable monitor for my main pc setup...
  3. Expressway (Bally, 1970) Backglass Version #1

    Expressway (Bally, 1970) Backglass Version #1

    From IPDB: There are two versions of backglass pictured in this listing. The differences are in the colors of the large rings and the color of the Ball In Play sign. The two versions are arbitrarily numbered here: Version #1: The rings, starting with the outermost one, are colored...
  4. Expo (Williams, 1969) Backglass

    Expo (Williams, 1969) Backglass

  5. Sheriff (Gottlieb - 1971) (Reverse) Backglass

    Sheriff (Gottlieb - 1971) (Reverse) Backglass

    Reverse backglass
  6. Rolling Stones (Bally, 1980) Backglass

    Rolling Stones (Bally, 1980) Backglass

  7. Magnotron (Gottlieb, 1974) Backglass

    Magnotron (Gottlieb, 1974) Backglass

  8. Jungle (Gottlieb, 1972) Backglass

    Jungle (Gottlieb, 1972) Backglass

  9. El Dorado (Gottlieb, 1975) Backglass

    El Dorado (Gottlieb, 1975) Backglass

  10. J

    VPX Original Table Kratos God of War (Original, 2018) B2S

    jejepinballnirvana submitted a new resource: Kratos God of War (Original 2018) B2S - Backglass for Kratos God of War Read more about this resource...
  11. J

    VPX Original Table Kratos God of War (Original, 2018) B2S v1.0

    Backglass for the table Kratos God of War by spookyMoulder. Score display and image on DMD screen. For display B2S, add this lines into the table script : Dim Controller On Error Resume Next Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") Controller.B2SName = "Kratos" Controller.Run On...
  12. Ian (WVP)

    Do you have a DT table without an image?

    Do you have a DT table that has an image you dont like or no image at all? How can we change it, well this shows how to do just that.
  13. G

    Help video display on Backglass

    Ok I have a strange one. I am getting back into Future Pinball (going to build a mini system). So far so good. But the really strange thing is that on a lot of tables where there should be video on the back glass there is non, eg Slam Ultimate The Addams Family. The video is shown on the...
  14. Joust (Bally, 1969) Backglass

    Joust (Bally, 1969) Backglass

    Joust Backglass: Thank You @angmarg52!
  15. Space Odyssey (Williams, 1976) Backglass

    Space Odyssey (Williams, 1976) Backglass

  16. Paragon (Bally, 1979) Backglass

    Paragon (Bally, 1979) Backglass

  17. JonPurpleHaze

    PN's User-contributed Backglass image archive pre 2011 image archive

    These images (327 in all) were uploaded by Users into Pinball Nirvana's old image program (Coppermine) and the most recent ones go back to 2010. NOTE: These have all been sorted and expanded upon, with the poorer-quality images replaced by higher-quality images. The new collection can be found...
  18. Flying Dutchman

    VP9 SS Recreation Backglasses For a '2nd Screen' Setup Purpose ..

    With the help and great examples of Groni as well as Lord Hiryu (who created a lot of the Backglasses for his 'UtraPin Project') and adding a few more myself here's a link to download & use them yourself .. I also have some ready for the later tables (SAM) - I don't think it's a problem to post...
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