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black knight

  1. lothian

    Williams SS Help Black Knight (Williams, 1980) Spongy Flipper

    Much has been written about various flipper coil issues within this forum and others. The consensus among those knowledgeable of technical pinball stuff seems to be that poor flipper performance typically indicates a problem with something upstream in the circuit because coils rarely go bad and...
  2. lothian

    Williams Black Knight 1980: Playfield Question

    It appears some things were removed from each of the four target banks on my machine. But these same affects appear on images of BK80 playfields other than mine! Anyone familiar with the artifacts circled in blue, and what purpose they serve(d)?
  3. lothian

    Williams Black Knight (Williams, 1980) BK80: Rebuilding a Pop Bumper

    Black Knight - 1980 With the help of this resource, I've determined that the lone pop bumper in my BK80 needs a complete rebuild. I some questions for those experienced with such things... - Is there a "best in quality, completeness, and cost" pop bumper rebuild kit supplier I should...