1. The Flintstones (ICE, 1994) Flyer

    The Flintstones (ICE, 1994) Flyer

  2. Firecracker (Bally, 1971) Flyer (Back)

    Firecracker (Bally, 1971) Flyer (Back)

  3. Supersonic (Bally, 1979) Flyer (Back)

    Supersonic (Bally, 1979) Flyer (Back)

  4. Cow Poke (Gottlieb, 1965) Flyer

    Cow Poke (Gottlieb, 1965) Flyer

  5. Duotron (Gottlieb, 1974) Flyer

    Duotron (Gottlieb, 1974) Flyer

  6. Magnotron (Gottlieb, 1974) Flyer

    Magnotron (Gottlieb, 1974) Flyer

  7. Triple Action (Williams, 1973) Flyer

    Triple Action (Williams, 1973) Flyer

  8. Bowling Champ (Gottlieb, 1949) Flyer

    Bowling Champ (Gottlieb, 1949) Flyer

  9. Hollywood (Chicago Coin, 1976) Flyer

    Hollywood (Chicago Coin, 1976) Flyer

    My first pinball
  10. Bon Voyage (Bally, 1974) Flyer

    Bon Voyage (Bally, 1974) Flyer

  11. Blue Chip (Williams, 1976) Flyer

    Blue Chip (Williams, 1976) Flyer

  12. Hang Glider (Bally, 1976) Flyer (Back)

    Hang Glider (Bally, 1976) Flyer (Back)

  13. Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1975) Flyer

    Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1975) Flyer

  14. Big Deal (Williams, 1963) Flyer

    Big Deal (Williams, 1963) Flyer

  15. Ace High (Gottlieb, 1957) Flyer

    Ace High (Gottlieb, 1957) Flyer

  16. A-B-C Bowler (Gottlieb, 1941) Flyer

    A-B-C Bowler (Gottlieb, 1941) Flyer

  17. 4 Roses (Williams, 1962) Flyer

    4 Roses (Williams, 1962) Flyer

  18. Amigo (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

    Amigo (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

  19. Eager Beaver (Williams, 1965) Flyer

    Eager Beaver (Williams, 1965) Flyer

  20. Air Aces (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

    Air Aces (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

  21. Valiant (Williams 1962) Flyer

    Valiant (Williams 1962) Flyer

  22. Monster Bash (Williams, 1998) Flyer (Back)

    Monster Bash (Williams, 1998) Flyer (Back)

  23. The Champion Pub (Midway, 1998) Flyer (Back)

    The Champion Pub (Midway, 1998) Flyer (Back)

  24. Expressway (Bally, 1970) Flyer (Back)

    Expressway (Bally, 1970) Flyer (Back)

  25. Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy (Bally, 1977) Flyer

    Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy (Bally, 1977) Flyer

  26. Viper (Stern, 1981) Flyer (Back)

    Viper (Stern, 1981) Flyer (Back)

  27. Wizard! (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

    Wizard! (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

  28. Wizard! (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Front)

    Wizard! (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Front)

  29. Totem (Gottlieb 1979) Flyer p3

    Totem (Gottlieb 1979) Flyer p3

  30. Sun Valley (Chicago Coin, 1962) Flyer

    Sun Valley (Chicago Coin, 1962) Flyer

  31. Sweet Sioux (Gottlieb, 1959) Flyer

    Sweet Sioux (Gottlieb, 1959) Flyer

  32. Stock Car (Gottlieb, 1970) Flyer

    Stock Car (Gottlieb, 1970) Flyer

  33. Star Pool (Williams, 1974) Flyer

    Star Pool (Williams, 1974) Flyer

  34. Space Time (Bally, 1972) Flyer (Back)

    Space Time (Bally, 1972) Flyer (Back)

  35. Sky Kings (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

    Sky Kings (Bally, 1974) Flyer (Back)

  36. Skill Pool (Williams, 1963) Flyer

    Skill Pool (Williams, 1963) Flyer

  37. Floating Power (Genco, 1948) Flyer

    Floating Power (Genco, 1948) Flyer

  38. Shindig (Gottlieb, 1953) Flyer

    Shindig (Gottlieb, 1953) Flyer

  39. Sheriff (Gottlieb, 1971) Flyer

    Sheriff (Gottlieb, 1971) Flyer

  40. Super Star (Williams 1972) Flyer

    Super Star (Williams 1972) Flyer

  41. Seven Up (Williams, 1969) Flyer

    Seven Up (Williams, 1969) Flyer

  42. Serenade (Williams, 1960) Flyer

    Serenade (Williams, 1960) Flyer

  43. Round Up (Bally, 1971) Flyer

    Round Up (Bally, 1971) Flyer

  44. Ready...Aim...Fire! (Mylstar, 1983) Flyer

    Ready...Aim...Fire! (Mylstar, 1983) Flyer

  45. Rack-A-Ball (Gottlieb, 1962) Flyer

    Rack-A-Ball (Gottlieb, 1962) Flyer

  46. Quicksilver (Stern, 1980) Flyer

    Quicksilver (Stern, 1980) Flyer

  47. Paddock (Williams, 1969) Flyer

    Paddock (Williams, 1969) Flyer

  48. Op-Pop-Pop (Bally, 1969) Flyer

    Op-Pop-Pop (Bally, 1969) Flyer

  49. Old Coney Island! (Game Plan, 1979) Flyer

    Old Coney Island! (Game Plan, 1979) Flyer

  50. Nip-It (Bally, 1973) Flyer (Back)

    Nip-It (Bally, 1973) Flyer (Back)

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  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    Shoulda stayed til '90!
  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    that decade was huge for them!
  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    Do you know Fleet Foxes?
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  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    never forget 'em after this tune
  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    (AI prompt) describe the band Fleet Foxes
  • ChatGPT @ ChatGPT:
    @JonPurpleHaze, Fleet Foxes are an American indie folk band formed in Seattle, Washington in 2006. The band is known for their lush harmonies, intricate arrangements, and poetic lyrics. Their music draws on a wide range of influences, including folk, rock, and baroque pop.

    The band's sound is characterized by intricate vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, and a variety of other instruments such as mandolin, piano, and various percussion. Their lyrics often explore themes of nature, spirituality, and the passage of time.

    Fleet Foxes gained critical acclaim with their self-titled debut album in 2008, which was followed by the equally well-received albums "Helplessness Blues" in 2011 and "Crack-Up" in 2017. The band has developed a dedicated fanbase and continues to be praised for their unique sound and songwriting abilities.
  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    (AI prompt) Helplessness Blues lyrics by Fleet Foxes
  • ChatGPT @ ChatGPT:
    @JonPurpleHaze, I was raised up believing I was somehow unique
    Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you can see
  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    ai coulda summed it up: — superb 3rd-wave folkrock :headphones:
  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    yeah wow, that Fleet Foxes tune is a trip?
  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    gangly guitars
  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    Liked it, nice shows!
  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    Have to learn to listen afterwards..
  • Chat Bot Mibs Chat Bot Mibs:
    JonPurpleHaze rolls 2d6 and gets 10.
  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    thanks! well, next thing i'm looking for is songs about nursery rhymes
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  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    (AI prompt) adult nursery rhymes songs
  • ChatGPT @ ChatGPT:
    @JonPurpleHaze, 1. "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" - updated for adults with humorous lyrics about farm life and animal sounds.

    2. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" - a more mature version with deeper meaning and reflection on the beauty of the night sky.

    3. "The Wheels on the Bus" - a fun and funky remix for adults, with a catchy beat and new verses about the daily commute.

    4. "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" - a revamped version with lyrics about navigating the ups and downs of adult life.

    5. "Mary Had a Little Lamb" - a grown-up twist on the classic nursery rhyme, exploring themes of friendship and loyalty.

    6. "Humpty Dumpty" - a modern retelling of the tale of Humpty Dumpty, with a focus on resilience and overcoming obstacles.

    7. "Hickory Dickory Dock" - a jazzy rendition of the traditional nursery rhyme, with a swingin' beat and updated lyrics.

  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    haha, but WHO does those songs?
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  • JonPurpleHaze @ JonPurpleHaze:
    (AI prompt) bands that do adult nursery rhymes songs
  • ChatGPT @ ChatGPT:
    @JonPurpleHaze, 1. The Wiggles - Known for their catchy and playful songs for children, The Wiggles have also released adult versions of nursery rhymes with a humorous twist.

    2. Rockabye Baby! - This series of albums feature lullaby renditions of popular rock and pop songs, including nursery rhymes, that are perfect for both children and adults to enjoy.

    3. The Nursery Rhymes - A band that specializes in creating modern and edgy versions of classic nursery rhymes, appealing to both kids and adults with their catchy tunes.

    4. The Mother Goose Band - Combining elements of rock, folk, and pop music, The Mother Goose Band puts a unique spin on traditional nursery rhymes, making them fun and entertaining for listeners of all ages.

    5. The Nursery Rhyme Rebels - This band takes nursery rhymes to a whole new level with their edgy and adult-themed versions, adding a modern twist to these timeless classics.
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  • Free Bally! @ Free Bally!:
    Well anywhop, not getting paid this week means i have to tend to a cascade of unpaid bills, better get to it. Good chattin this week, have a beaut of a weekend!
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  • Chat Bot Mibs Chat Bot Mibs:
    Free Bally! has left the room.
      Chat Bot Mibs Chat Bot Mibs: Free Bally! has left the room.