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  1. shiva

    Support File BAM fpxSampleTable01-beta1

    As promised, here is the sample table I am using to test new concepts and code. This is the first sample table that will be included in the next versions of fpxEngine, but you already know that. Included are codes and my initial settings for various new things, and I will be adding a lot more...
  2. shiva

    Coding Support File BAM FP shivaFlippers 3.3 2022-07-18

    shivaFlippers is a replacement and a serious upgrade over the flippers used in all FP tables before it. shivaFlippers has more realistic shots, better control, and the unique variable coil system that simulates real flipper solnoids so you can vary the speed and strength of your shots. A good...
  3. shiva

    SS Original Table BAM FP Jungle Girl (Original) fpx (Preview Release) rc1

    Been a long time since I have done one of these solo. I love the classic Bally tables. They were the perfect definition of "easy to learn, fun to play, hard to master" as quoted by Harry Williams. When I decided to do this table, I thought about how much I wanted to pay tribute to those great...
  4. shiva

    Support File FP fpxEngine v1.4.1

    Latest Update: version 1.4.1 Released :2021-06-23 Details below this post. We all hate scripting. In fact most people (like 99.99 % of the entire planet) when they look at a bunch of code, find it so intimidating and complex that they won't even try. Others just don't even have the time to...