1. Wecoc

    Support File FP SLSeq: Enhancing and customizing the default Light Sequencer with code

    Script Light Sequencer (SLSeq) is a Future Pinball Script that recreates the default Light Sequencer, but on an open source and customizable VBScript code. The script is not meant to overwrite the default Sequencer, but to use it side by side when the default one falls short. They're therefore...
  2. 20degree

    Tutorial Futurepinball and Bam Guide with the help of peoples

    Hi to all I have finally done my pdf document about fiew indications for peoples that can help to create a great Futurepinball with BAM guide. It is maybe the last of the guides i have contributed, to help peoples. Here is the url link to this free pdf document...
  3. 20degree

    Tutorial Tutorial, How to create your own OpenOffice text document

    HI to all I just have finished my own pdf document about how to create and use your own OpenOffice text document. This guide could help you create your own guides or text documents. Maybe you have your own company? Maybe you would like to create a document for a company? In both ways i'm glad...
  4. shiva

    Support File Commercial and Cabinets Vital Links

    AtGames Other
  5. 20degree

    Support File My Free Futurepinball PDF Guides

    I think it is appropriate to share my free pdf guides in this section. Since it is into Future Pinball and Tutorials & Guides Here is the link to my first free pdf guide about Futurepinball:
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