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  1. AnonTet

    FP sound manager name length limit

    I was trying to import some sounds when I hit a wall of not being able to do so. Apparently, there's a limit of 31 characters on the names so, if you happen to hit such problem (like importing Fleep sounds), just shorten the name of the file you're trying to import. I'm 99% sure this applies...
  2. xenonph

    Help Tags, and how they work!

    As you may have noticed recently, (within past year), Tags have been added to every single tables download page. (And matching Tags in Discussion Topic) These Tags include Manufacturer, Date Manufactured, and the Decade. (example of decade Tag.. 80's) Also Tags on whether they are...
  3. Ian (WVP)

    Do you have a DT table without an image?

    Do you have a DT table that has an image you dont like or no image at all? How can we change it, well this shows how to do just that.
  4. R

    Williams Funhouse (Williams, 1990) Hidden Hallway Problem

    I am having problems getting the ball diverter to catch the ball if a clean shot goes into the hidden hallway. I found some info in various places and everything referred to adjusting the ball diverter. I tried up/down and CW/CCW with no luck. I found a new diverter and replaced it with the same...
  5. Paolo

    Help Spinner in FP questions

    Hi to all. I don't know if this has ever been discussed before ,I've never paid much attention to it, but since I started playing with MJ, VPX.I noticed it VPX, manages to count the number of laps a spinner makes, and therefore amount the exact score when hit by the ball ... now there are...
  6. DavidVanScouten

    Help Set and save individual camera views for each table?

    Hello community, I have installed FP+BAM for some time now and also watched Terry Red's "Simple...fast...then Play" video. Since BAM is so extensive, I would like to know if it is possible to set individual camera views for each table immediately after starting the table. The default views are...