• Many thanks to Ian Longstaff for his lovely table roundups, posted on YT. And here is... TABLE ROUND UP 14!

    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.

ike's picks

  1. S

    VP8 SS Original Table Pinbot 2002 (Original) VP8 v0.97a

    Pinbot 2002 (Original) VP8 v0.97a Another gorgeous, borderline-unfinished gem from SER. The game is tricky, but fair. You'll need to get a feel for the layout, how to make shots, and which ones to be wary of. Patient ball-control and flipper-play is needed at all times, yet sometimes it's...
  2. P

    VP8 EM Original Table Hamster! (Original) VP8 by Per Thulin & Misaligned Cow Ventures v1.20

    That hamster may be cute, but it's not easy to get all the items back to the nest! This early-VP classic won't blow you away with bells & whistles, but unlike many originals, there's a carefully-designed ruleset here, and some real satisfaction to be gained from diligent play. The rubber...
  3. Ale

    VP8 Williams SS Recreation Space Shuttle (Williams, 1984) VP8 v0.95

    Space Shuttle (Williams, 1984) VP8 v0.95 by Emkaah, with Ale IPD No. 2260 An unbelievably excellent re-creation from way back in 2004. Check out the textures, the subtle lighting effects, and all the TLC that went in to this game. Best of all, it plays beautifully. --@Ike Savage
  4. E

    VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Krull (Gottlieb,1983) VP8 v1.2a

    Krull (Gottlieb,1983) VP8 v1.2a by LuvThatApex, Eala Dubh Sidhe, Destruk, Inkochnito IPD No. 1397 Note from Xenonph: This table needs to be played using VP6. The display is messed up when using VP8. Find VP6.exe here...
  5. Not Registered

    VP8 SS Flipperless Recreation Video Games Sonic's Enigma (Taito's Bust-A-Move, 1994) VP8 by Scott Bermel 2020-01-28

    (background music here) GENERAL GAME RULES: A) Create groups of 3 or more gems of the same colour to POP them and score points. B) When you POP gems, any without a connection back to the top will drop and increase the BALL-VALUE as well as score points C) Clearing the playfield of all gems...
  6. Freezezzy

    VP8 SS Original Table AntiGrav Pinball (Original) VP8 v1.6 2020-01-28

    While it's difficult to pick any one Jeff Block table as representative of @Freezezzy's total body of work, I like the way this game turns VP on its head, so to speak, by removing gravity and creating a four-player, eight-flippered experience. This might not be the most landbreaking game ever...
  7. Not Registered

    VP8 EM Flipperless Recreation Jimmy das Gummipferd (Mün-Ma, 1950's) VP8 by Cyberyogi v0.9 2020-01-28

    Jimmy das Gummi Pferd ("Jimmy the Rubber Horse") is a main character from the enduring comic book series Julio and Jimmy, later retitled Julio's Adventurous Journeys. (I'm guessing that rolls off the tongue more easily in German) More info on the comic here...
  8. obx001

    VP8 Rock-ola EM Flipperless Pitch and Bat Recreation 1937 World Series (Rock-ola, 1937) VP8 v1.9

    1937 World Series (Rock-ola, 1937) VP8 v1.9 IPD No. 3515 Cute, vintage game alert! What really sells this VP conversion for me is the authentic-style atmosphere, which even includes the announcer singling out individual players that come to bat. The pitches are also fast, which you might want...
  9. Not Registered

    VP8 Flipperless Original Table Minigolf (Original) VP8 by Robbway v1.1 2020-01-28

    By Robbway This is easily one of the most brilliant originals ever created, and quite a challenging game. The idea is to finish all the holes, via paths obvious and non-obvious, given a limited number of strokes. --@Ike Savage