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pinball cabinet

  1. MajorFrenchy

    SS Original Table BAM FP Jungle Girl (Original)

    MajorFrenchy submitted a new resource: Jungle Girl 1.1 (DOFLinx) - DOFLinx, Future Pinball, BAM, Read more about this resource...
  2. MajorFrenchy

    SS Original Table BAM FP Jungle Girl (Original) v1.1 (DOFLinx)

    Jungle Girl (Original) v1.1 (DOFLinx) The big highlight is the debut of my shivaFlippers system that now has a variable coil system, better aiming, and a "fake EOS". This is a pretty noticeable improvement to FP flippers and down the road, I hope they can be improved even more. The variable...
  3. shiva

    [Arcade1Up] Attack From Mars Arcade1Up Pinball Review

    Finally, the Arcade1Up Pinball cabinets have started to show up, though they are pretty much already sold out. Apparently Canada got their units in first so MichaelTheGameGenie got his review up, and overall he liked the quality of the unit, though he noted the 720p resolution and a couple other...