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rock music

  1. sphere

    VP8 SS Original Table Encore (Original) VP8 v2.0 (May, 2005)

    This is a striking table both art-wise and layout-wise. I want to say the YES tuneage is mostly a good fit. At the same time, it's a tricky, challenging table with plenty of traps, but also a few unusual ways to make heroic shots. While the layout sort of hearkens back to 80's Bally tables...
  2. M

    SS Original Table FP The Beatles (Original) (Solo Edition) v1.0

    The Beatles (Original) (Solo Edition) v1.0 The Beatles, (Solo Edition) An original future pinball table,a tribute to The Beatles solo careers. (background music includes some great midi renditions of Ringo Paul George and John's music).
  3. M

    SS Original Table FP Dark Side of the Moon (Original) v2.0

    Dark Side of the Moon, an original table, Based on Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side of the Moon". (Some very well made Midi renditions of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" music, were used for background music, updated version 2.0 has many improvements).
  4. M

    SS Original Table FP The 70's (Original) v3.0

    The 70's (3.0) , An original future pinball table, a tribute to many of the rock bands from the 1970's . ( Some very well made Midi renditions of 1970' Rock music were used for background music,Update includes some new graphics and a few minor fixes and improvements).