1. shiva

    Jungle Girl fpx V1 version 1 (2/12/2021)

    Jungle Girl fpx has now been released as version 1. There are so many changes across the board, but the big highlight is the debut of my shivaFlippers system that now has a variable coil system, better aiming, and a "fake EOS". This is a pretty noticeable improvement to FP flippers and down the...
  2. shiva

    shivaFlippers v3 beta test thread

    With the new version 3 of shivaFlippers as part of the fpx series of tables, a lot of changes have happened to the dynamics of fp physics. The new variable coil feature is a absolute game changer, and with the improvements to the aiming system of the flippers, the removal of the timers and extra...
  3. shiva

    My Pinball State of the Union Address

    Well, first off happy new year! It's that time, where I update things and sprout off about subjects no one other than me care about, I try and do this every year since 1999, so lets get started shall we? As much as 2020 truly sucked, it was one of the best years for pinball in a long time, and...
  4. shiva

    Bally Apron (pre1979)(Star trek xse example) 2021-01-02

    This is the older "Bally Man" style apron used by Bally for EM and early Solid State games. Taken from Star Trek xse, this is now available for use by everyone as a update to the shivaArchives. This download includes the .jpeg final version and the master .psd file that you can modify to suit...
  5. shiva

    Playboy xse (Bally, 1979) 1.3

    NOTE: This is a re-release of version 1.3 of Playboy xse. This table was released on Feb 2015, and does not require BAM. Still, this is one of the nicest playing tables even now. This version instead used Slamtilts version 2.5 of the FP exe, but BAM users will find this table plays very well if...
  6. shiva

    Original Table Jungle Girl fpx (Preview Release) rc1

    Been a long time since I have done one of these solo. I love the classic Bally tables. They were the perfect definition of "easy to learn, fun to play, hard to master" as quoted by Harry Williams. When I decided to do this table, I thought about how much I wanted to pay tribute to those great...
  7. shiva

    Recreation Star Trek xse xse 1.3

    A old one, but a good one, released a few years ago, Star Trek xse. Version 1.3, this features updates to the flippers (version 2) new physics and game play, and some special additions including a new lens and bulb effect with ball interaction, better backglass etc This is done by myself and...
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