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  1. MetaTed

    WIP Help Solved Ornamental Holes Showing Through Light Insert Models

    Anyone know how to fix this issue? The holes for the targets are visible inside the circular light insert models.
  2. HZR

    Help Solved Second screen for backbox issues (SOLVED)

    I have a older galaxy 7 tab and the resolution will only goto 1300 x something. I can use a tablet at 1920x1080 rez and the backbox is fine on my tables. when I use the tab 7 the screen is off scale, I tried the scroll adjustment, but I dont want to do this for every table, I tried popper, and...
  3. Clsx

    Solved Xenon VP9 : Plunger outside the table

    Hi I've this strange glitch? happening when I play the said table , as you can see the plunger appears outside the table on the right-down corner The table is Xenon (Bally)(1980)(unclewilly)(1.1)[VP9] and I'm using VP995 tried the other VP9 version VP991 and the same thing Apart from this...
  4. T

    Solved Mr. Black by Taito backglass?

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can find the backglass file for Mr. Black? I downloaded the table, but I cannot find the backglass anywhere. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. G

    Williams EM Solved Argosy (Williams, 1977) Pinball Lights problem

    Hello, I have an Argossy pinball machine. The player position lights, Ball number lights, and matching code lights do not light up. I have checked the bulbs, there must be a common switch that is causing these lights not to work. Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. P

    Support File taito tables

    why is it Taito tables need to be played to the end. if you stop in mid game amd start another table the table will continue to be active. it does not start over from pressing 5 for coin then press 1 or s to start.
  7. R

    Williams SS Solved Flash (Williams, 1978) PINBALL SLINGSHOT CAPACITOR

  8. D

    Help Solved FP How to start ALIEN LEGACY table

    HELLO, what key to start the game to table ALIEN LEGACY (Futur pinball) ? thanks
  9. Runner

    Help Solved DMD is not working with Arcade Mode

    Hey everyone, Started working on my virtual pinball cabinet after at least 3 years without any work and I when I turn Arcade mode ON, the DMD stops working. The DMD box is there but nothing happens, no text, no animation. If I turn it off Arcade mode the DMD works fine. I haven't installed...
  10. L

    Help Solved Pinball Emporium/Joytokey - I've been at this over a week and still can't find the problem

    I know how frustrating it is to see someone make a post about something they could have just as easily searched and answered on their own. This does not seem to be the case for my situation. Oh, I'm SURE the answer is out there in the vastness of the internet on one forum or another, but if it...
  11. lothian

    Williams Solved Black Knight (Williams, 1980) -- What is this thing?

    Working down a punchlist of issues with my Black Knight 1980 (BK80). What is the thing shown in the image below? Clearly it's a load interference filter from a Mexican assembly line. But what is it? More important to my purposes: What is the part number of its functional replacement and where...
  12. M

    Williams Solved Miss-O (Williams, 1969) replay issue

    Hi Dave @pinballdaveh, or anyone else, last year I restored my Miss O machine. Everything seems to work, however I have two lingering issues that I can't seem to figure out: 1. When the 15 balls on the playfield get lit, the left and right bottom rollovers are lit with "Special" and you...
  13. H

    Williams Solved Super-Flite (Williams, 1974) bonus issue

    Newbie here, would appreciate a pointer or two if this is obvious, as I struggle with schematics so far. @pinballdeveh decades of playing, good with soldering and basic EM, but my first EM ownership/repair. '74 WM Superflite (2 player) Cleaned steppers and score reels, fixed a few bad solder...
  14. M

    Williams Repair Solved Miss-O (Williams, 1969) center target issues

    I have an issue with the center target on my Miss O machine, The center target is relatively simple circuit which makes this more frustrating. What is happening: when the center target light is lit and you hit the target, the pool ball lights do not advance. When the center target is hit, it...
  15. JamesM

    Gottlieb Solved Joker Poker (Gottlieb, 1978) all CPU controlled solenoids activating at power-on

    I’m trying to solve a problem with a Gotlieb, System 1, “Joker Poker,” pinball machine. Under normal circumstances, when the machine is powered on, the King Drop bank resets (it is controlled by a light diode that trips an under-playfield diode) and the playfield lights come on, and after 5...
  16. T

    Williams Solved Argosy (Williams, 1977) issue

    I have an issue with a 1977 argosy (Williams) that was damaged in transit, the guy that works on these has had no luck to find a replacement part and does not know how to repair it. Any suggestions, please see enclosed pics Sent from my iPad
  17. J

    Gottlieb Solved World Fair (Gottlieb, 1964) Spinning Disk

    Anyone have any experience removing the spinning disk assembly from a Gottlieb World Fair? I got the plastic disk removed but can’t go any further The metal disk on top (see photo) is attached to the shaft with 2 Allen screws. I removed both if them It appeared to loosen it from the shaft ...
  18. J

    Williams Pitch and Bat Solved Base Hit (Williams, 1967) 2nd coin relay problem

    Hi I’ve taken a Base hit Williams machine from the dead and have it 99 percent in working condition. One thing I can not find the problem .The 2nd coin relay will not trip when the credit button is hit the second time. I have clean and adjusted transfer relay the coin relay the start relay. 2nd...
  19. M

    Gottlieb Solved ROM needed

    Hello guys, I'm here because I'm looking for help. I have damaged chip in my pinball machine. It's chip responsible for display in gottlieb's pinballs (U8G). Yes I know they deleted every rom from the Internet but that's why I'm here :) If anyone could help me, please contact me via PM.
  20. M

    Williams Solved PIN·BOT (Williams, 1986) Stupid Question / How to get this plug apart?

    Hi again, I have a pretty basic (stupid) question. Please see the photos for the exact harness plugs. It's a Williams System 11 Pinbot. How do you get these things apart? I am swapping the playfield and need to remove the old playfield so I can transfer all the components over. Big Harness Plug...
  21. M

    Williams Solved PIN·BOT (Williams, 1986) Help identifying mystery PCB, please

    Hello, Please see attached photos. My pinbot has this stripboard with a bunch of components and wires connected. The board is in the bottom of the cabinet under the playfield, mounted on the right side next to the power line filter. I have not traced all of the wires yet, but upon my first real...
  22. S

    Bally Solved The Addams Family (Bally, 1992) Loses Power and Thing Magnet Problem, please help

    Hi, I am seeking advice from a kind expert to help resolve problems with my TAF pinball, I am in the UK on 240V AC domestic circuits, summary of my issues as follows:- The WPC Power Board is dated March 1992, all fuses check ok when removed, all LEDs are correctly illuminated The game runs ok...
  23. J

    Chicago Coin Solved Home Run (Chicago Coin, 1954) value of variable resistor that controls the bat strength?

    I know this is a long shot but would anyone know the value of variable resistor that controls the bat strength? it’s listed on the schematic but it shows no value thanks in advance
  24. njPinWiz

    Game Plan Solved Sharpshooter (Game Plan, 1979) score display problem

    Am having an issue with a 1979 Sharpshooter by GamePlan. While ball is in play in either 1 player or multi-player mode the score displays reset to zero. This happens regardless of whether a drop target, pop bumper, sling or virtually any other target is hit. I tried re-seating each of the...
  25. D

    Bally Solved Wizard (Bally, 1975) does not reset

    Pinbal Wizard, Bally 1976, does not reset when button is pushed. 4 fuses are good and lights come on but will not respond to reset. stays quiet: :headscratch::headscratch:
  26. J

    Bally Solved Joust (Bally, 1969) game over on start up

    My Bally Joust which was running perfectly has developed a problem When a game is started , the score reels, player unit etc resets After everything resets it goes directly into game over The game over latching relay pulls in but does not release after start up Any ideas what may be...
  27. J

    Bally Solved Joust (Bally, 1969) Pop Bumpers

    Working on a Bally Joust. The pop bumpers on this machine are not the norm. First off, aside from the body, everything is metal, even the skirts No spoon switches And the coils look like flipper coils with 2 windings. (see attached pix) Does anyone know why these are so different...
  28. J

    Gottlieb Solved North Star (Gottlieb, 1964) score motor and game counter running

    I have a 1964 gottlieb North Star when I turn game on the score motor is running and the game counter running also will not let me start a game when I push the credit button to play the primary 5 slo blo fuse blows
  29. njPinWiz

    Gottlieb Solved El Dorado City of Gold (Gottlieb, 1984) free play setting?

    Any know how to set this to free play? I looked thru the owners manual & couldn't find how to set toggles to allow for free play. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  30. D

    Williams Solved Shangri-La (Williams, 1967) EM Scoring Reel Coil Problem

    I just bought my first table, a Williams Shangri-La. When powering up, the score resets and it is playable but a very loud buzzing comes from the back glass area and the 1-9 scoring reel on Player 1 will not register anything. I isolated that the sound is coming from the coil for that scoring...
  31. J

    Gottlieb Solved "300" (Gottlieb, 1975) Mystery Score

    Been working on a 300 Got just about all the bugs worked out except for one The Mystery Score. When the ball lands in the yellow saucer you get 500 points and 1 bonus or 1,000 points or 2 bonuses or 1,500 or 3 bonuses Supposed to be totally random Mine keeps giving 500...
  32. B

    Gottlieb Solved Big Hit (Gottlieb, 1977) flipper problem

    I have a Gottlieb Big hit the flippers are dragging on the play field and starting to leave marks what would you suggest I do . Any help is really appreciated
  33. S

    Bally Solved Kiss (Bally, 1979) Lamp Issues

    I have been refurbing a Kiss machine for a friend. I have the play field all done. Everything works and lights, as it should. I have cleaned all 5 LED displays, and they work as they should. I have cleaned all the lamp sockets on the display and replaced all the bulbs. Other than a few of the...
  34. J

    Williams Solved F-14 Tomcat (Williams, 1987) won't play after changing batteries

    My Williams Tomcat F-14 machine was playing fine, but had lost the sound. after unplugging and plugging in connectors to boards, I regained the sound. While I was in there I decided to change the batteries, so I did. I had the machine unplugged at the time. When I powered it up, I got an adjust...
  35. M

    Williams Solved Flash (Williams, 1978) 15 balls per game

    Hey guys i am having a problem with my Williams Flash Pinball. The game as 2 issues. 1) It gives 2 credits per coin. 2) It give about 15 balls per player. This seemed to be a easy fix in the program options. How ever i cant change the settings in the program as they are blanked out...
  36. PinballDude369

    Gottlieb Solved Black Hole (Gottlieb, 1981) PI-80 All in one board for Gottlieb System 80. Pascal board problem

    Hello, I managed to at first play a few games with this board in my "Black Hole," but lately I've been having an issue. Whenever I push the start button the displays only show "coil err=1." The game will not start. Which coil is the issue the game doesn't show you. Also, when the game sits...
  37. S

    Bally Solved Hi-Deal (Bally, 1975) possible purchase?

    I have an opportunity to buy a 1975 Bally Hi-Deal machine. It's not working but judging by the condition of the play surface and perfect back-glass, I'm keen to grab it! For less than $1,000, the artwork on this early, one player machine is way ahead of it's time. My question is, Although I've...
  38. V

    Williams Solved Triple Action (Williams, 1973) EM "lock relay"

    Williams triple action. what's the lock relay do? it's always energized when the game is on. is this normal? just concerned about burning it out.
  39. J

    Williams Solved Base Hit (Williams, 1967) Lights out on top of machine only on

    I have a base Hit wiliams game the lights on score real and and all of back glass are out expect fluorescent bulb everything works lights on drum and lights on playing field fuses look ok any suggestions thanks
  40. J

    Upgrade/Project Solved High tapping flippers

    Hi I’m reading high tapping flippers moving A wire on transformer is this true does anyone know how to do this does it make flippers more powerful
  41. J

    Williams Solved Derby Day (Williams, 1967) ??? Weak Flipper

    Williams Derby Day (1967)??? Weak Flipper Having a problem with a weak upper right side flipper. I replaced the coil, but still have the problem. I can hold the flipper back with little effort. The other three are strong and work fine. Can anyone give me some clues as to what can cause this...
  42. J

    Williams Solved Base Hit (Williams, 1967) Can not earn more then 6 credits

    Hi I have a Williams 1967 base hit I can not win more then 6 games then credit wheel stops and I can only get 6 games when quarters are put in is this How Williams games set up
  43. V

    Williams Solved Triple Action (Williams, 1973) help

    just picked this thing up, worked great at the sellers place, worked great once home and set up. turned on the other day and nothing UNTIL I hit the left flipper button, then it all lit up and was active. ALSO is the rear light behind the glass on the score board always suppose to be...
  44. J

    Williams Pitch and Bat Solved Base Hit (Williams, 1967) increase pitching speed

    Can anyone tell me how to increase the speed on my base hit pinball machine it seems like it’s slowing down
  45. P

    Bally Solved Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy (Bally, 1976) fuse block

    Hi new to the forum. Need a little assistance. Recently got a Capt fantastic. I had lights for a minute but then out. Fuse clips were wimpy of course. Got them to make contact but after a minute or so almost all lights out. Only a few girls on pf working. Tested voltage at the two 5a light fuses...
  46. F

    Williams Solved Firepower (Williams, 1980) loose wire

    I have a wire that has come loose on my Firepower. Its a white wire with red trace. It appears it attaches to either the troth switch or shooting lane. I cant find any images online. Any help?
  47. P

    Williams Solved Black Knight 2000 (Williams, 1989) Sound Effect Problem

    problem playing game when the ball hit the leftdrop targets sound affects to the magna save go off with out touching the button every couple of seconds help please.
  48. P

    Williams Solved Black Knight 2000 (Williams, 1989) Backglass Bulbs not working

    several bulbs behind backglass are not working, all in a line any one have a idea what it could be please let me know ....
  49. rkeefer

    Data East Solved Back to the Future (Data East, 1990) LED Score Display Offset

    I just replaced my Back to the Future malfunctioning original plasma score display with a Rottendog LED one. Unfortunately, the display doesn't line up properly with the transparent areas of the backglass: Any ideas how to fix this offset?
  50. M

    Gottlieb Solved Sinbad (Gottlieb, 1978) drop targets

    I was recently watching a video about a Sinbad machine and it said that if during play you hit all the drop targets, they should reset during your same ball. Does anyone know if this is true? My doesn't reset during the same ball. If it is true, any guesses at what is wrong with mine...