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  1. N

    VPX EM Recreation Faces (Sonic, 1976) VPX by Nestorgian

    nestorgian submitted a new resource: Faces (Sonic 1976) by Nestorgian - Faces (1976) is the first pinball they released with the SONIC brand Read more about this resource...
  2. N

    VPX EM Recreation Faces (Sonic, 1976) VPX by Nestorgian v1.4.5

    Faces (1976) is the first pinball released under the SONIC brand, and they exported a lot. It's one of the most beautiful EM pinballs ever made by Sonic. Its combination of colors and lights makes it highly appreciated by EM fans, especially amongst American fans, where it sold very well. The...
  3. U

    VPX Frontend Media Pole Position (Sonic, 1987) VPX - P.E.C.M. v1.2

    Pole Position (Sonic, 1987) VPX - P.E.C.M. v1.2 IPD No. 3322 Table Created By: Goldchicco, 32assassin, JP Salas, TAB Download Table: Pole Position Table Download Pole Position B2S What this label means: P.E.C.M. - Pinball Emporium Complete Media All media is included: Menu Image Logo Alpha...
  4. jpsalas

    VP8 SS Recreation Pole Position (Sonic, 1987) VP8 v1.02 JP 2020-01-28

    Pole Position (Sonic, 1987) VP8 v1.02 JP by jpsalas IPD No. 3322 VPM table based on the table Pole Position from 1986 by Sonic. Thanks to: - Manuel y Dani for supplying the pictures and the manual, and for testing the table. - Batansa for testing the table and suggesting flipper settings to...
  5. jpsalas

    VP8 SS Recreation Odin Deluxe (Sonic, 1985) VP8 v1.0

    Odin Deluxe (Sonic, 1985) VP8 v1.0 by jpsalas IPD No. 3448 Based on Odin Deluxe by Sonic - 1985 VPM table. Uses the UC physics from VP 8.1 Thanks to Javier and Udirnel for the nice pictures. Thanks to Destruk for the old script (I used the light and solenoid numbers from the old table) Thanks...
  6. H

    VP8 EM Recreation Butterfly (Sonic, 1977) VP8 v1.1

    Sonic 1977 by Humid Gerhard Germax IPD No. 410 Butterfly by Sonic, released in 1977. Mod of table originally created by Gerhard and Germax. New playfield, backglass, and some script corrections. ver1.1 includes graphic tweaks, pegs, rails Saw this table in The Complete Pinball Book and loved...
  7. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Odin Deluxe (Sonic, 1985) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Destruk, TAB, Inkochnito, Gaston IPD No. 3448
  8. T

    VP8 SS Recreation Pole Position (Sonic, 1987) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Pole_Position by Destruk, TAB, Gaston IPD No. 3322 Thanks to Apollo_XI for the page from the manual we were missing. Without that all the switches/lamps would still be wrong. :)
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    VP8 SS Recreation Star Wars (Sonic, 1987) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Star_Wars___Sonic by Destruk/TAB/Joxer/Gaston/Inkochnito IPD No. 4513 Rules: