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    EM Recreation FP American Pinball (TOMY, 1991) v1.0

    by tomasaco at 2016-07-05 Type Recreation (toy) FP Physics 1.0 Description Info
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    SS Recreation FP Astro Shooter (TOMY, 1983) by alexmanga v1.50

    by alexmanga, monnezzas at 2015-11-23 Type Recreation (toy) Video Description TOMY Astro Shooter Info - Press "1" to start game - Press "N" to switch noise off/on
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    VP8 SS Recreation American Pinball (Tomy, 1991) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    This is a toy pinball that I bought in 1987 in the US (Sharp Image of Miami). There are no rules, just make the highest score as possible. Good luck, enjoy! .
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    VP8 EM Recreation American Pinball (Tomy, 1991) VP8

    American Pinball, (Tomy Toy, 1991) I send this table, it is an advanced mod of an old ASTRO SHOOTER VPT by user Ale Hawk, but this has improved graphics. Greetings elo_rey
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