1. B

    Bally Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995) Bank drop issue

    Hi everyone, I have 2 main issue with my AFM, first issue is - the left ramp do not record "Capture". the second issue is when the saucer wall goes down, the target on the back drops down from the first ball, every hit to the center will just make the ball goes to the ramp without a...
  2. B

    SS Thunderbolt (Allied Leisure, 1976) Chime Question

    Hi, I have the above machine which plays and scores well. The only problem is the only chime that rings is the 100's. The 10's and 1000's score but do not ring. I have cleaned the connectors to the board and all the plugs. The fuses are also fine. Thanks in advance.
  3. G

    Bally The Addams Family (Bally, 1992) pinball help

    hi folks im having a problem with my addams the thing return solonoid isnt working theres no power at all at the solonoid plz help
  4. Z

    Bally Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1975) clicking problem

    Hello all Glad I found this forum New to Pinball ownership I picked up a Bally Bow and Arrow EM machine last week When I turn it on and enter a credit, It keeps clicking in the headpiece I took the back off and the clicking is coming fom the "counter reset" comtrols any ideas? And excuse my...
  5. B

    Bally Xenon (Bally, 1980) rectifier board voltages

    hi all im so stoked i got a xenon pinball machine off a local junk truck last week for $10. it does need some work and the playfield is pretty worn in the middle. anyways i was playing it and all of a sudden the lights around the face went off and alot of table lights went out. i still have...
  6. S

    Williams Aztec (Williams, 1976) Stepper Units

    The stepper unit does not reset for 1 player. It automatically resets for 4 players. New to working on pinball machines
  7. M

    Gottlieb Cleopatra (Gottlieb, 1977) Problem: Gottlieb Power Supply, On board Transformer (smaller one), Line Filter

    Gottlieb Cleaopatra System 1 Hi, I accidentally and stupidly unplugged the System 1 MPU whilst the power was still on and the machine was left like that for quite a while. Obviously, when I returned to the machine later on, the pinball was smoking bad from inside the cabinet. It appears to me...
  8. D

    Bally Granny and the Gators (Bally, 1984) schematics

    Looking for the schematics to granny and the gators and also the theory of operation for the vidiot deluxe board used in it, if you have a copy of either one please let me know. The manual for granny has the theory for the board used in baby pac which is a different board. Cheers
  9. billycatfish

    Flipperless Chubbie (Stoner, 1938) Stuck in Tilt mode

    Just picked up a Stoner Chubbie for $100 (delivery included). My first pin! Unfortunately it seems stuck in tilt mode. Previous owner told me it had been working fine. There's a lot more I'll be doing to rehab the machine, but my first step is unlocking the tilt mode. Any advice? By the way...
  10. J

    Data East Large size DMD blank

    Hi, does anybody have picture of large size 192*64 display driver board? (Sega, Data East) I have one burnt resistor on high power side. There is no values of high power side components in the Schematics (Vishay, Dale display). Pinball is Maverick. Br. J jujoki@hotmail.com
  11. T

    SS Middle Earth (Atari, 1978) A006407 Aux board (Middle Earth Problems)

    Hi everyone! I recently picked up an Atari Middle Earth Pinball. It currently isn't working. When turn it on I can hear a slight hum but nothing lights up. I noticed that the audio fuse was blown. I have narrowed it down to the Aux board A006407. If that board is plugged in, the fuse will...
  12. mcgrailm

    SS Wonder Wizard™ Demolition Derby (Sentinel Inc, 1977) Broken Flipper

    Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read my post. I got a starter pinball machine about a year ago it called Demolition Derby and it made by Wonderwizard its had some minor problems that i've just dealt with as those problems didn't have much effect on play. However, recently the right...
  13. T

    Bally Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995) balls won't roll down to trap door

    I have a Theatre Of Magic, when the balls go into the trunk, the popper does not kick them to the trap door, to be released. How do I check the coil? or could it be something else? all the fuses look OK, but I did not do a test on them Help please.
  14. P

    Bally Paragon (Bally, 1979) battery & volume

    Just bought a Paragon, and cannot find this bally's volume control...not in the usual place by the plumb bob? Also do I need to remove mpu to change my coroded battery?
  15. S

    Williams Black Knight 2000 (Williams, 1989) diagnostic issues

    I recently aquired a Black knight 2000. I had to replace the score display. I bought the pinscore replacement. It works fine. The game starts up and plays fine with 2 noticable problems. 1. the right slingshot fires randomly and frequently when no ball is touching it. 2. When the ball drains...
  16. P

    Data East Star Wars (Data East, 1992) problems

    Hi there, let me first introduce myself, I live in the Yorkshire area of the UK and I am a collector of arcade games. The other day I picked up a 1992 Star Wars by Data East. There are however a few problems with the machine and I was hoping for some pointers on how I could go about fixing...
  17. S

    Data East Jurassic Park (Data East, 1993) Blowing fuse 5

    Hi, Anyone who has an idea why fuse 5 blows on Jurassic park. I thougt somethins was wrong with the coil shooting up the ball after it been down in the scoop. It shows ok Ohms thought. I also tired to change the diod on the coil but bo success... Any hints would be appreciated
  18. U

    Sega Goldeneye (Sega, 1996) magnet problem, Aaarrggggg

    This is driving me crazy... Symptoms are, the flipper magnet catches the ball, but then cant seem to get the timing right to fling the ball back up the play field. coil resistance is 4.5 ohms ok fuse is 3A SB, fuse holder good, re-soldered connections. ok new chip installed on mag board...
  19. D

    Williams Time Warp (Williams, 1979) Displays problem

    Hello to everyone.I have some problem with this pinball. The program works great after replacing the battery holder. All displays suddenly disappears.When I turn on the game the program run,I can hear the sounds when I play and game over sound,the lamps works too,but with no score.I can see the...
  20. H

    Williams Rollergames (Williams, 1990) system 11 F1 fuse keeps blowing at turn on

    My Rollergames has a few issues. One is I blow fuses at F1, when the machine is turned on. Second On the power supply I don't get +100v and -100v and that is for the displays that do not work. I do get 12v though. Also When I turn on the machine I get 1 ding. When the diagnostics button is...
  21. Z

    Bally Vampire (Bally, 1971) A newbie needs help

    I have just been bitten by the pinball bug and I am restoring a 1971 vampire. Well I am up to fixing the things that don't work as all the cosmetic work is almost done. Well I am having 2 major problems. The first is with the reset relay. I have to manually disengage it and I can play. I have...
  22. H

    Williams Rollergames (Williams, 1990) mechanism for the multiball drop targets is missing

    Rollergames pinball drop target multiball missing Hello all, I just purchased a Rollergames pinball machine. Its kind of a project. The major problem so far is the whole mechanism for the multiball drop targets is missing. Looks like it should have three drop targets that say multiball on...
  23. A

    Bally Playboy (Bally, 1978) replace plastic on slingshot kicker

    So I ordered a "slingshot kicker head Bally", the white plastic part thats over the metal thing that kicks the ball around close the flippers, because the original one broke off, but i cant slip it on, does anyone know how to put it on, i tried plyers to move the metal horizontal piece, it might...
  24. S

    Chicago Coin Six Game (Chicago Coin, 1960) Quick question about Bowler reset bank

    I am comencing restoration on a - 1960 Chicago Coin "Six Game" Shuffle Bowler This is my first EM bowler and I noticed that one of the solenoids on the reset bank is missing the armature and spring that lock the switch assembly in place when the bank is reset. My question is if this might be...
  25. G

    Williams 4 Roses (Williams, 1962) Score wheel problem

    Hello, My wife just bought me this machine for my birthday as a fixerup project for me. Unfortantly it has a scoring problem that i cant seem to find and have no schematics to trace. The One point and one hundred point wheels will not activate as soon as a one point target gets struck the one...
  26. R

    Bally Eight Ball (Bally, 1977) Aid2 MPU Module Bus Line Tester Question

    I am diagnosing problems with a Bally MPU board, P/N 2948 277 used in an Eight Ball game. This game has worked previously, but now will not boot. I get 2 LED flashes. I have replaced U8 with not difference in performance. I am following the diagnostic tables in the Bally Repair Procedures...
  27. M

    Williams Fire! (Williams, 1987) hi all help for newboy williams sound prob

    Hi all I'm new here so hope this is OK iv got a Williams fire pinball system 11 the background sounds are fine but sounds that are made on the main board speech are very quiet and break up if you press the sound test button the speech starts of OK then suddenly drops qweat and crackly if you...
  28. S

    Gottlieb Sure Shot (Gottlieb, 1976) EM machine will not give free games

    I have a 1977 Gottlieb Sure Shot EM machine that will not award free games when the proper point total is reached. It does add games when I hit the switch on the front door. It does give free games when I hit the "Special when Lit". I have rebuilt all the Deco score wheels (including the...
  29. L

    Stern Rawhide (Stern, 1977) Need help again

    If playing with 2 or more players, after the player's ball is drained, lost or what ever, it will still show that same player to play. It doesn't do it with any consistency. It may go right to the next player or it may give that same player another ball 1 more or several times before it will...
  30. B

    Gottlieb The Amazing Spider-Man (Gottlieb, 1980) Solenoid Problems

    I was hoping someone could help me with my pinball problems. I have a 1980 Gottlieb The Amazing Spider-Man pinball. What’s happening is I turn the machine on and it will play fine for about 5 minutes or so. Soon after, the solenoid for the 2 kick outs and the solenoids for both sets of drop...
  31. D

    Williams Fish Tales (Williams, 1992) catapult

    The catapult will not work on my fish tales machine. Any advice?
  32. M

    Gottlieb Vulcan (Gottlieb, 1977) Rollover issue

    Hi, I have a Gottlieb Vulcan EM and when its set to 3 balls per game, when the 1 or 4 rollover is run over, the 2 lights for both rollovers go out. The same thing happens for all 4 switches. If I set it to 5 balls, when the 1's rollover is run over, only the 2 1's lights go out and the 4's...
  33. B

    Williams Space Odyssey (Williams, 1976) Ball kicker pics???

    So I finally got my 1976 space odyssey up and running, I took all the score reels apart and cleaned all the contacts and re soldered a couple wires. I got all the components in the play field working but I am having trouble with my ball return. It seems the metal wire/switch that triggers the...
  34. R

    Bally Eight Ball (Bally, 1977) boot

    I'm repairing an Eight Ball machine. I get the 7 led flashes, but then no power up tune. All TP voltages are resonable (not perfect...but close). Any thoughts on what to test next?
  35. P

    Gottlieb Street Fighter II (Gottlieb, 1993) problems

    hi guys, ive just taken delivery of my first machine its a gottlieb street fighter2 champion edition. im having a few problems with it though. i have managed to get the score board to come up and most the lights to work but there is no sound and the game doesnt seem to boot up, if i remove the...
  36. P

    Gottlieb Mustang (Gottlieb, 1977) problems

    I have a Mustang that has two problems. When I light the extra ball, get it, and it says I got it, I don't get it when it's time. Also, the B & C lane lights don't work (or will once in a blue moon). This is the top lanes and the lanes at the bottom. If the A & C lanes are lit (top and...
  37. B

    Bally Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally, 1981) only one ball

    bally eight ball deluxe only serves up one ball.plays that normally then game over.also when more than one player, display shows numerous players but game over when ball sinks.dip switches 31 & 32 set to off for 3 ball play.mpu self checks good,7 flashes.any clues?
  38. M

    Gottlieb Panthera (Gottlieb, 1980) Tilt Help!

    I hate the fact that my first post on here is a tech question. But I'm at a loss right now. Here's the story.... I've been looking to add a pinball to my collection for way too many years, I found a non working 1980 Gottlieb Panthera on CL for $200. Guy said it played fine until they left it...
  39. H

    Gottlieb Sure Shot (Gottlieb, 1976) bonus not scoring

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone would be able to help me out because I know nothing about pinball repair. One of my roommates inherited a Sure Shot machine (http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2457). It was in perfect working order until today, when the bonus stopped scoring- usually, it...
  40. F

    Gottlieb Caveman (Gottlieb, 1982) issues

    i need to know the value of resistor R2 on the A7 sound/speech power supply. thanks also machine has 1 sound when playing, but no speech. when sound test button pressed once i get a set of sounds, but no speech saying switches off or on like manual says i should have. any help would be appreciated
  41. H

    Williams Fish Tales (Williams, 1992) stuck in Testing Mode

    FISH TALES - FLIPPER ISSUE I SOLVED this problem and found another. SOLUTION: Wait longer ! I found that the testing mode was not complete. After waiting a little longer the pinball machine was ready for a coin. NEW PROBLEM: Now I have a new problem ! Go figure. 1.) I push the START...
  42. spalmer

    Williams Firepower (Williams, 1980) slingshot issue

    I am having a strange issue with the left slingshot on a Firepower I recently purchased. The left slingshot soil seems to be partially energize at game start. During game play if the slingshot is hit, the coil locks out but and be pushed back in by hand. During game play mode, if you pull the...
  43. S

    Bally The Addams Family (Bally, 1992) Help with wiring

    Hello all, What type of wire was used on Williams/Bally 90's era pinball machines? Specifically, The Addams Family? I have cut wires that lead to flash bulbs on the playfield of my Addams family. I need to splice in some new wire. What type of wire can I use? How about the Radio Shack 22 gauge...
  44. B

    SS Middle Earth (Atari, 1978) sound problem

    hi lets see if any one can help me on here. this machine works perfect but one problem,wich is doing my head in is this. the sound is distant and you cant tell what it is its just like it is trying to get through if you know what i mean.i have changed the speaker but it is still the same,please...
  45. M

    Data East Checkpoint (Data East, 1991) DMD

    Hi all. I just purchased a 1991 Checkpoint pinball machine and have a question regarding the dot matrix display. The problem is as follows: When I first turn the machine on the dot matrix does not completely show up. The majority of the issues seem to revolve around not being able to see all of...
  46. V

    Bally The Addams Family (Bally, 1992) Flipper problem

    Addams family has been working great for the past year. Yesterday I turned it on and the flippers will not work. When the music gets to a certain spot they energize for a second and then that's it. The only thing I've done is take out the coin door to have repainted and reinstalled it. Any...
  47. B

    Sega Goldeneye (Sega, 1996) PIC 16C56 problem

    someone has the file in order to reprogram the PIC 16C56 of the goldeneye Magmotor more tanks
  48. S

    Bally Williams Gold Rush (Bally, 1966) & Fun Fest (Williams, 1972) score motor jumpers

    can any one help please? i have a bally goldrush machine (1966) and a williams fun fest machine ( 1972) both of them have a service jack for the score motor but no information on where the jack is meant to be. in 1 position both machines are dead in the other position the motors run...
  49. L

    Bally Strikes and Spares (Bally, 1978) newbie question

    Just got a bally strikes and spares machine. I was told everything worked but it doesn’t seem too. After putting it together it lites up but nothing else. From the manual it is supposed to play a song when it is first turned on. I Drop quarters in and no credits or anything. As complete...
  50. F

    Gottlieb Haunted House (Gottlieb, 1982) Is the "thunk" controlled by the A1 System 80 Control Board?

    Hello, Just the simple question as stated: does the A1 System 80 Control board control the "thunk" you get when you turn the machine on? I'm considering buying the ni-wumpf CPU board which replaces the original control board because the "thunk" doesn't happen anymore, along with the sound...
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