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  1. spookyMoulder

    VPX WIP Visual Pinball on android new mystery table in development.

    Thanks to Jsm174 Visual Pinball can be played on android and ios so I'm excited about that. I will be fixing up some of my tables and working on a new better table. Now that Visual Pinball is running on other devices it is much better to develop on cross platform. I was trying to work in Android...
  2. spookyMoulder

    VPX SS Original Table Fear and Loathing (Original, 2023) v1.2345

    Pinball game based on movie. Game could use extra sound effects and light scripts. I did want to add lights around Vegas sign and maybe graphics improvement and lighting. If anyone wants to modify this it is ok just re upload and add me in the credits. Enjoy the game.
  3. spookyMoulder

    VPX WIP Fear and Loathing

    A preview on what I will be working on for the rest of the year is a Fear and Loathing game. I just work on these on my spare time check back and see the progress and post any ideas this won't be finished until the end of the year.
  4. spookyMoulder

    VPX SS Original Table Phantasm (Original, 2023) v1.105 b

    While spying on his brother Jody during the funeral of their friend Tommy, 13-year-old Mike discovers that a big man is stealing the coffin the boy sneaks in the house and discovers the presence of aggressive dwarfs. In this pinball you must fight the tall man and the dwarf but stay away from...
  5. spookyMoulder

    VPX SS Original Table They Live (Original, 2023) balutito mod 1.0

    You are a drifter named Nada you find a pair of sunglasses and put them on and you see that people are actually aliens that look like their face fell into the cheese dip back in 1957. You and your friend Frank have to fight the aliens by collecting bubble gum and shotguns. Blow up the aliens...
  6. spookyMoulder

    VPX SS Original Table Splatterhouse (Original) v1.52

    A horror game based off a video game this pinball game includes 2 ramps and models and kicker. Everything tested and working the left ramp sometimes kicks the ball back and the kickback still needs to be scripted and flashers needs some improvement. Splatterhouse is licenced by Namco Bandai...
  7. spookyMoulder

    VPX SS Original Table T and C Surf (Original) v1.2

    T and C Surf Pinball From the surf and skate video game this fanmade game includes. Flippers, road barrier, palm trees and oil slicks at the beach. Game has been tested and working ramps and scoring scripts it does need flasher scripts and some 3d modeling. The game is free to modify and...
  8. spookyMoulder

    VPX WIP SS Original Table Splatterhouse

    So i got tired of working on the dmd scoreboard animations for TC surf and started this side project and after 10 hours this is what I got this is just a (very) early preview this one is scary. I also found some new special reflective lights and they are looking good (left side).
  9. spookyMoulder

    VPX Original Table Might & Magic Pinball

    Happy New Year .. so After messing with this game for some time I am just going to release it like it is at first the kickers were working or it might be some of the scripts or the dated hardware I am on here is the game anyone can add to this project and improve on it without having to ask...
  10. FlipsWebA.jpg


    Site UI progress
  11. TheHermit

    VP9 Original Table Recreation Video Games Invader Fall II - The Revenge of the Invaders (Original) VP9

    Invader Fall II - The Revenge of the Invaders You thought you had them beat. You thought they had given up. You are wrong. So very wrong... The Invaders are back, once again falling down towards you. Use your pinball to stop the invasion, but beware, just when you think they are retreating...
  12. shiva

    [PinUP Popper] "Baller" Installer Tutorial

    NOTE: Though this is not a "commercial" product, it is always best to put everything related to one subject in one place, just so people can find things, something other forums I wished thought off... As we all know, both vpx and fp/bam is a bit of a mess with multiple plug-ins and knowledge...
  13. G

    Support File BallyCams 2.810 & emCORE 3.405 2.810 / 3.405

    This is a slightly older set of necessary support files needed to run most of @Greywolf's VP tables. (and more of his tables here) Usually you'll want the latest versions, i.e. emCORE v4 and WolfCams v3, but sometimes this older set is required by a particular table, like Gaming Geek Tavern...
  14. shiva

    VP9 Support File Tutorial shivaEngine 1.8

    A small update of the very first shivaEngine (a.k.a. the tutorial included with Visual Pinball for 15 years) with a different design and some code changes. Very simple coding still works!!!! For VP up to VP 9.9 shivaengine.vpt updated by shiva. Thanks to Black, cold1, and 4Eyes January 2002...
  15. P

    Support File Animated Targets (Resource) 2020-01-28

    Alpha png. images & sound added on BJ's 5 ball count demo
  16. faralos

    Support File Tutorial Gimp Lighting Tutorial with Plastics table v1.0 2020-01-28

    This is a Gimp Lighting Demo covering the basics of getting started with the 'Dodge' tool and lights. I am also including a 'plastics' table, so you can see how gimp works with the images and how you set them to the plastics. I posted about it in new releases but this IS a tutorial...
  17. faralos

    Support File Tutorial Gimp Light and 'Dodge' Tool Tutorial

    This is a Gimp2 Lghting and 'Dodge' tool tutorial I put together over these past three weeks or thereabouts. the pics explain it all. In the overview shot are the 9 pics in the zip file. Each one explains what and where to click to use the dodge tool with highlighting selected to bring out dark...
  18. PacDude

    Support File PD Fading Light System 2020-01-28

  19. D

    Support File VBS Script Files 3.57

    These are required for ROM emulation in solid state tables. Usually they're automatically included in the all-in-one installers. As I understand it, you should unzip these scripts directly into the "Scripts" folder found in the Visual Pinball folder for newer VP versions, and in to the...
  20. Flying Dutchman

    VP9 SS Recreation Backglasses For a '2nd Screen' Setup Purpose ..

    With the help and great examples of Groni as well as Lord Hiryu (who created a lot of the Backglasses for his 'UtraPin Project') and adding a few more myself here's a link to download & use them yourself .. I also have some ready for the later tables (SAM) - I don't think it's a problem to post...
  21. D

    VP8 Support File Reproduced Tables List

    Hi The latest version of the reproduced tables list - a work in progress - is now available at Pinball Nirvana. It's in the support files and tutorials section. The file is a zip file - the original is done in Excel but the file I provide is an Acrobat PDF file so anyone can read the file...
  22. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files V3.22 Released

    New in V3.22 (Update by PD) ------------------------------------ (Core Changes) - Outhole switch handling updated so it resets correctly with an F3 reset. This affects mostly Gottlieb System3 games (Thanks Racerxme for pointing this out) - Flipper handling modified to have a low...
  23. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files V3.21 Released

    Attached is the latest set of VBS files for VPM tables (V3.21). Additions / Changes to V3.21 ===================== -(Core Changes) - Attemped bug fix in the Impulse Plunger object that could cause weak plunges sometimes on full pulls -(System.vbs Additions) -Zac1.vbs has...
  24. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files 3.20 Released

    Who wanted 3.19 when we can have 3.2? This just puts the Atari2.vbs file back to the 81/83 settings while leaving the Atari1.vbs file at the v3.19 82/84 setting as they are apparently different, after all. Anyway, grab this one and overwrite....
  25. PacDude

    Support File VBS Files V3.19 Released

    Sorry for the frequent update, but this has to be released before Rob's Middle Earth table as it needs the fixed switch settings for the flippers. Changes in V3.19 ============= Atari1.vbs, Atari2.vbs and Atari.vbs now use the corrected VPM flipper numbers (82 & 84) which should allow the...
  26. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files V3.18 Released

    New in 3.18 ========= (System.vbs Additions) - Added Atari1.vbs and Atari2.vbs files (Thanks to Inkochnito). -The old Atari.vbs file is now obsolete, but included for backwards compatability with any existing tables that may have used it. New Tables should use the appropriate Atari1.vbs or...
  27. PacDude

    Support File VBS Files V3.17 Released

    These should be added to AJ's as well. Attached is VBS V3.17. Additions/Changes ============== (System.vbs Additions) --Fixed wrong switch definition in Sys80.vbs for the self-test switch. The operator menus should work now. (Thanks to Inkochnito for pointing it out). -Added new...
  28. PacDude

    Support File VBS Files V3.16 Released

    This is V3.16 of the VBS files for VPM tables. It includes the "BegingModal" and "EndModal" fixes for Randy's latest versions of VP. It will continue to work with VP6.1 as well. Also added is the latest VBS core to my light system which adds the reverse fade wall handlers (as used in my...
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