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1957 Gottlieb , Silver


Pinball Wizard
This is a table I have been working on. Its open to expirenced authors to finish all that I ask is a mention of my name in the table info along with Patch and other template authors. The table is built on the Retro original woodrail template by Patch. Its only playable as a wip for now. It still needs the lights for the backglass done and scores fixed and any other thing that needs to be done in the script. Basicly it needs to be finished.

I'm limited that I dont know much scripting and not that good with graphics also I never played the real table , so I dont know how its supposted to play, I think the table looks really cool even if I never played it. Hopefully someone may find it worth the time and effort.
I will post a wip open to modding.

I do have pics of other older machines , an older Royal Flush thats not recreated in IRPINBALL I am still working on the layout , but its real close. Bumper PooL not finish on the layout still need some graphics work. but I'm pretty happy with the looks so far on Silver , I also have great Pics of Dancing Lady these are all older Gottliebs But this Dancing Lady table would be a major job to take on. I'm not on that one yet but what a beauty. I can supply these pics if your interested in taking them on only one photo is the PF and BG each.


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PN co-founder
That really is a good looking table. I sure hope someone grabs it to finish for you, liteuser. Any pictures you have which you won't be using you can upload to our Image Gallery, which would make them available to anyone. Just a suggection.



Pinball Nudger
I think Furio may be already working on this table. I seem to recall him saying that this was his next project in one of his release threads.


Pinball Wizard
Thats good to hear, as long as we have a working version I guess. I was also looking over some pics I found for Wild West and Twin Bill some other older Gottlieb tables's. Palisades and Four Corners are older Williams tables I found Good Pics for. The photos are close to flat overhead shots of the whole table and the backglass shots look great, I'm sure others may be aware of them and who knows , Furio may be using the same photos. Anyway its good to hear. I will remove this wip when I find out he finishes his table. All is not lost this table makes a good template to start my next wip. I'v got the layout on Royal Flush done only minor graphics work left. Bumper Pool is closer too but has a ton of targets to script.

I'v been thinking about an original table just the past few nights. I started getting pics today for it , and should be a real complex layout and table. I think I'll call it Cannon Ball , an all woodrail just like you see here only wide body with a 90's layout. It will have ships with cannons that shoot balls and fight each other , modeled on each side of the table. Still a long way to go as I'm just starting it. I did some editing on the real life tables photos today. I'm thinking of doing Wild West next on the real table side. I'll post a wip of it as soon I feel it's ready enough to post a playable wip. But the pics are great, Dancing lady will have to wait for awhile I'm afraid.


PN co-founder
Cannon Ball sounds like a great idea. You don't need to remove this thread even if Furio is making Silver. I haven't noticed Furio around lately, so he might be busy with real life. And there's no problem with having two versions of the same table either.

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