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Electro-Mechanical Machines
Future Pinball
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NitroNimbus submitted a new resource:

300 Maresa - MOD 2.0

Hi All,
MOD 2.0 with BAM updates, cheers!

Scripts Folder needs to be placed in the Future Pinball Folder not BAM folder.
Download BAM from here or copy and paste the supplied BAM.dll into the BAM folder.

Please note this table has "EXPLICIT LANGUAGE" and is not suitable for children!

Read more about this resource...


Pinball Wizard
Il n est pas possible d'entrer de score dans cette table c'est dommage
y a t-il une solution svp ?


Pinball Wizard
Getting lots of lag on this table I don't know if its the backglass or the Big Labowski sound bites that are causing it but much more complicated games like the Ultimate tables do not have lag so do not think its my system. Yes sound bites are from that movie and really do not add to the game I am going to see if I can remove them. This is a Spanish version of 300.


Pinball Wizard
I have downloaded most of you mod 2.0 tables and they play awesome (especially gorgar), but somehow this table crashes with a c++ runtime error (I do have the latest BAM installed). Can you point me in the right derection on solving this?


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Hi realsaw,
Sorry to hear you having this issue. This table is surprisingly very large and has very hi-res textures.
Can you get any of the original tables working, if so let me know which one and then I may be able to sort out the problem.
Here is the link to the different versions available, cheers!


Pinball Wizard
Full HD crashed c++, HD played but had some stutter on middle playfield - I'll test on higher cpu tomorrow (i3 -> i7), again thanks


Pinball Wizard
Upgraded to a i7 - 870 but.. still some stutter - So I'll will settle for the standard one. The version I had before was a way older version. Thanks for the link to that newer version.
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Pinball Wizard
Is it possible to "copy over" your changes to my working version? - I'm not coding proficient, just starting out with the whole virtual pinball thing. I can copy + paste though :)


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As mentioned the hi resolution images are the issue and the reason for long loading time as well.
I started re-sizing the images so I could send it to you to fix the problem, but then realised I will need to export resize and re-import
way to many images to make a difference. The animation of the balls moving on the translite is a lot of large images.
You can do this yourself, just export all the lower quality images from the table that works and replace them in my mod that doesn't.
If you need any help explaining the process let me know.
If you just want most tables to play with better physics and dynamic flippers that don't already have it, just paste the code below under Option Explicit at the top of the script. This may not be the most current version of this script and is tweaked for this table, but hope it helps, cheers!


'=============================== PHYSICS XML ===========================
'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
' <!—Custom Physics -->
' <physics fps="296" threaded="1"></physics>
' <ball newtonDamping="0" mass="90" gravity="6300" damping="0.65"></ball>
' <flipper releaseOmega="18" rotationSpeedChart="{0.0,100.0}[0.0,100.0]" newtonDamping="1" mass="20150" omega="43" moeMethod="0"
' leftXoff="0" leftYoff="0" leftZoff="0"
' rightXoff="0" rightYoff="0" rightZoff="0"></flipper>
' <bumper impulse="90.0" impulseRandomness="0" vectorRandomness="6"></bumper>
' <autoplunger mass="20000.0" force="60000.0"></autoplunger>
' <diverter mass="10000.0" omega="33.0"></diverter>
' <gate mass="0.5" gravity="3000.0" damping="1.0"></gate>
' <kicker impulse="1000.0" vukImpulse="1400.0" impulseRandomness="2" vectorRandomness="1"></kicker>
' <plunger mass="20000.0" force="30000.0"></plunger>
' <slingshot impulse="650.0" impulseRandomness="15" vectorRandomness="3"></slingshot>
' <spindisk mass="10000.0" angularDamp="0.33" linearDamp="0.25"></spindisk>
' <spinner mass="99999.0" gravity="9810.0" angularDamp="0.5" angularAccel="5.25"
' spinDampLoose="0.30" spinBackLoose="0.65"
' spinDampNorm="0.40" spinBackNorm="0.65"
' spinDampTight="0.70" spinBackTight="0.65"></spinner>
' <emkicker mass="10000.0" omega="80.0"></emkicker>
' <varitarget mass="500.0" damping="0.9" tension="3.0" return="15.0"></varitarget>
' <magnet impulse="10.0" impulseRandomness="2"></magnet>
' <nudge impulse="240.0" impulseRandomness="25.0" warningLevel="300" leftAngle="60" upAngle="0" rightAngle="320"
' vectorRandomness="5" visualDistance="3" waitPeriod="300" maxBallVelocity="500.0"></nudge>
' <defaultMat softnessCoef="0.03" elasticCoef="0.1" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.02"></defaultMat>
' <playfieldMat softnessCoef="0.02" elasticCoef="0.1" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.02"></playfieldMat>
' <metalMat softnessCoef="0.01" elasticCoef="0.15" staticFriction="0.02" kineticFriction="0.02"></metalMat>
' <woodMat softnessCoef="0.03" elasticCoef="0.15" staticFriction="0.03" kineticFriction="0.02"></woodMat>
' <plasticMat softnessCoef="0.02" elasticCoef="0.2" staticFriction="0.02" kineticFriction="0.01"></plasticMat>
' <rubberHardMat softnessCoef="0.08" elasticCoef="0.50" staticFriction="0.04" kineticFriction="0.055"></rubberHardMat>
' <rubberIntMat softnessCoef="0.1" elasticCoef="0.72" staticFriction="0.05" kineticFriction="0.065"></rubberIntMat>
' <rubberSoftMat softnessCoef="0.12" elasticCoef="0.83" staticFriction="0.06" kineticFriction="0.075"></rubberSoftMat>
' <gateMat softnessCoef="0.05" elasticCoef="0.65" staticFriction="0" kineticFriction="0"></gateMat>
' <kickerMat softnessCoef="0.01" elasticCoef="0.05" staticFriction="0.8" kineticFriction="0.8"></kickerMat>
' <rampMat softnessCoef="0.01" elasticCoef="0.01" staticFriction="0.01" kineticFriction="0.01"></rampMat>
' <plungerMat softnessCoef="0.04" elasticCoef="0.55" staticFriction="0.02" kineticFriction="0.02"></plungerMat>
' <spindiskMat softnessCoef="0.05" elasticCoef="0.5" staticFriction="1.5" kineticFriction="2"></spindiskMat>
'=============================== PHYSICS XML ===========================

' === Dynamic Flipper Settings ===


If BAM_VERSION => 233 then
Dim RightFlipperExt,LeftFlipperExt
Dim omegaCorrectionR
Dim omegaCorrectionL
xBAM.BallSpeedLimit = 3000
End If

Sub OnPreHitFlipperSettings(FlipperExt)
If BAM_VERSION < 233 then Exit Sub
End Sub

If BAM_VERSION => 233 then
const MaxOmega = 45 ' Omega at base of flipper. Must be > MinOmega. Default = 45
const MinOmega = 32 ' Omega at tip of flipper. Must be < MaxOmega. Default = 32
End If

Sub RightFlipper_prehit()
If BAM_VERSION < 233 then Exit Sub
omegaCorrectionR = MaxOmega - (RightFlipperExt.ContactPoint * ((MaxOmega - MinOmega)/1.2))
If RightFlipperExt.ContactPoint < 0.0 then RightFlipperExt.Omega = MaxOmega
If RightFlipperExt.ContactPoint > 1.2 then RightFlipperExt.Omega = MinOmega
If (RightFlipperExt.ContactPoint => 0.0) And (RightFlipperExt.ContactPoint =< 1.2) then
RightFlipperExt.Omega = omegaCorrectionR
End if
End Sub

Sub LeftFlipper_prehit()
If BAM_VERSION < 233 then Exit Sub
omegaCorrectionL = MaxOmega - (LeftFlipperExt.ContactPoint * ((MaxOmega - MinOmega)/1.2))
If LeftFlipperExt.ContactPoint < 0.0 then LeftFlipperExt.Omega = MaxOmega
If LeftFlipperExt.ContactPoint > 1.2 then LeftFlipperExt.Omega = MinOmega
If (LeftFlipperExt.ContactPoint => 0.0) And (LeftFlipperExt.ContactPoint =< 1.2) then
LeftFlipperExt.Omega = omegaCorrectionL
End if
End Sub

Sub OnPreHitFlipperSettings_bounceControl(FlipperExt)
If BAM_VERSION < 233 then Exit Sub
const base_elasticCoef = 0.73 ' very bouncy flipper rubber
const expected_ball_speed_after_hit = 389.00 ' calc elasticCoef to get desired ball speed after ball hit flipper
const minimum_elasticCoef_to_scale_fast_balls = 0.10 ' we will add this to calculated elastiCoef, so ball after hit will have aditional 5% of speed before hit
const reduction_for_flipper_in_motion = 0.15 ' if flipper is not in starting point, reduce elasticCoef by 20%

If FlipperExt.Hit Then
Dim elasticCoef
Dim maxElasticCoef
Dim ballSpeed
ballSpeed = (FlipperExt.BallVSpeed + xBAM.Ball.Speed) * 0.5 ' averge speed of

maxElasticCoef = base_elasticCoef
If FlipperExt.AngleDiff > 1 Then maxElasticCoef = maxElasticCoef - reduction_for_flipper_in_motion

elasticCoef = base_elasticCoef
If ballSpeed > 1 Then elasticCoef = expected_ball_speed_after_hit / ballSpeed
elasticCoef = elasticCoef + minimum_elasticCoef_to_scale_fast_balls

If elasticCoef > maxElasticCoef Then elasticCoef = maxElasticCoef

FlipperExt.SetMaterial elasticCoef
End If
End Sub

' === End of Dynamic Flipper Settings ===


Pinball Wizard
Awesome, I’ll try the script first and attempt te graphics next weekend!
thanks for your time and support.
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