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VP8 SS Recreation 35+ VPM tables uploaded to the download section

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
I uploaded all VPM tables where I've done major work to (save the shitty old ones)... turns out there are over 35 of them....... So go through the VPM downloads and grab everything you might have missed......my lifetime work with VP......


PS Jon, PD & John: Some screenshots might be missing and some IPDB links could be wrong..........I'm exhausted so if you find something wrong just fix 'em... Merci...


PN co-founder
35 all at once, no wonder you're tired. I apprecite you adding them, because I had a lot of holes in my Special K collection. Looks like some really nice tables, most which are new to me. Thanks again.



Pinball Wizard
Wow! 35 tables in one sitting
in front of PC. :thumright:
BTW.Need the bellring sound for Firepower II.


Pinball Wizard
35 new tables! Good that I already had a few them, otherwise I would never finish GL :) no time to code when there are so many good tables to play!

Thanks Kristian!
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